C is for Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
is one of our favorite books. My boys love this classic book and I enjoy reading it too! Since we’re working on the alphabet with my 3 year old I thought wewouldmake a caterpillar “C”.

We went for a fairly simple caterpillar because I wanted my 3 year old to be able to do most of it himself. I cut out 5 green ovals and 1 red circle that was slightly larger than the ovals. Then I cut out a C (ours was on orange construction paper but the color doesn’t really matter since it will be covered up).

Glue the green ovals around the c and the red circle at the end.

Add details like eyes and a mouth, antennae, etc.

Voila, you have a (slightly evil looking) caterpillar C! Now, you could hang it on the wall…


Or use it to play out the story. Make some fruit out of more construction paper (or draw it on a piece of paper) and have the caterpillar eat through it.


We also decided to play out the caterpillars life cycle. We wrapped our caterpillars in toilet paper to make the cocoon.


Then we painted butterflies with our fingers. We folded the paper in half and then reopened the paper. I had each child place two fingerprints of paint on the fold. We folded the paper again and had little butterflies!

The boys chose to make the butterflies flutter all around the room.


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  1. Excellent caterpillars! VHC is a great book about the life cycle :) makes learning fun!

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