Bedtime Routines that Make for a Happier Child

Bedtime routines are crucial because they help your child to feel more secure and establish stability within your home. They also set a sleep pattern for your child that they will carry with them throughadulthood.Therefore, it’s highly beneficial that you set a bedtime for your child and create a routine that will foster restful sleep and consistency. Here is a brief guide to bedtime routines.

The benefits of a bedtime routine. A bedtime routine will provide stability and comfort for your child, as it will give them a pattern that they can easily follow. A good bedtime routine will help to calm your child and allow for them to sleep longer and have a better quality of sleep. If you are having a hard time enforcing a routine, then you may want to try a chart of some sort which details your daily schedule, include ample time for winding down in the evenings.

How to create an effective bedtime routine. You’ll want to make sure to custom tailor the bedtime routine for your child. For instance, if taking a bath provides them with more energy or upsets them, then avoid bathing them right before bed. Include activities that calm them down and will allow for them to sleep better and fall asleep more quickly. Also, keep the routine short and stray away from activities which are high energy and lengthy. A good bedtime routine should include just a few activities that can all be done within a reasonable amount of time. Examples of activities that are ideal for this routine are: brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, a bedtime story, and hugging the family members good night.

There will be nights when your child does not stick to the bedtime routine, and that’s okay. Don’t feel as though you need to force them to participate in the routine each and every night, as that will take the enjoyment out of the process. Instead, encourage them to carry out the routine the next night, and add in a new activity to mix things up a bit to avoid boredom.

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