3 Ways To Inspire A Love Of Reading In Your Children

Don’t be too discouraged if you’re finding that your child simply isn’t displaying an interest in reading, as there are some rather creative (and sneaky) ways to get your child on the track to becominganavid reader. Here are 3 ways to inspire a love reading in your children:

1. Summer Reading Programs. A number of local libraries now offer these summer reading incentive programs, whereby your child can earn rewards for reading a certain number of books in a given time period. However, you can host your very own summer reading program at home, as well. You can either make a chart in which they keep track of the books that they read and give them prizes at certain milestones, or just use a board game that you already have in the house and allow your child to move one space for each book they polish off.

The trick is to make the prize that they earn a desirable one. For instance, if your child enjoys going to the park or eating lunch at a local restaurant, then make those the prizes for your customized summer reading program, instead of tangible goods. Or how about letting them choose the next movie for movie night or letting them off to chore duty for the day.

2. Get Them Off to Bed a Bit Earlier Than Usual. By moving your child’s bedtime to an hour earlier than it usually is, you are freeing up some valuable reading time. Here’s what you do: have them get on their pajamas, brush their teeth and get all tucked into bed, then ask them if they would like to go to sleep or would like to read. Chances are that they are always going to choose to read. This gives them the impression that they are being allowed to stay up late, when, in actuality, they are improving their reading skills. You can either have them read on their own or you can read stories to them.

3. Make Them Read the Book Before They Can See the Movie. Nowadays, many of the movies that are shown on the big screen started off as books. So, why not used this to your advantage and tell your child that they can go and see the movie once they’ve read the book. This idea also works for renting the movie. For instance, if your child wants to watch the Harry Potter movies, then they’ll have to read the series of books first.

And there you have it…3 ways to inspire a love of reading in your children, even if they are a bit sneaky.


  1. I love the 3rd idea. I always enjoy the books more than the movies, so I could definitely see this working.

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