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Journals are AUTHOR-ONLY. Please read this sticky before posting. Thanks! - Trying Again: Our Journals

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Exclamation Journals are AUTHOR-ONLY. Please read this sticky before posting. Thanks!

- Journals are intended to be AUTHOR-ONLY. Please do NOT post responses in journals. This allows for the author to have a streamlined, uninterrupted journaling experience.
- If you'd like to comment on a friends' journal entry, please send her a PM, write on her wall, or.... start a thread for her in the Shout Outs sub-forum to leave her a message. (Remember to include the link to or a quote of what you'd like to give her support on!)
- Respect the author's rights by keeping information posted in their journals confidential and not using it to start a debate or discussion elsewhere.


- Create a title that may attract visitors to read your journal and provide you with the support/feedback you need.
- You may want to put a reminder in your first post that friends/visitors should NOT post in your journal. Direct them where to the SHOUT OUT sub-forum to comment on your entries, or ask them to PM you or write on your wall.
- Since friends & visitors are asked to provide support and feedback for you in the shout-outs sub-forum, check that area often to see if you have any shout outs!
- Don't forget to subscribe to your thread so you could get notifications when someone posts!
- PM me if you feel that someone has disrespected you in your shout out threads so that I and/or admins could help you resolve the problem.

THANK YOU! Hoping that you all have a positive experience with our journals. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck on your TRYING AGAIN journey!
Wishing you lots of sticky baby dust!


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