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12dpo spotting? IB? - Trying To Conceive

Old September 8th, 2015, 12:58 PM   #1

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HappyCry 12dpo spotting? IB?

Here's some quick cycle info.

LMP August 16th
Guestimated O August 28th
Spotting today September 8th
CD 24

PCOS- Irregular cycles
We just begun TTC for #3 this month. I was just trying to relax and see what happened this month and maybe next before I got crazy obsessive over charting and OPKs again. BUT here I am driving myself crazy whether or not this could be IB. I had lots of EWCM on the 27th and 28th of August and pinching sensation on right ovary then nothing. SO not sure if I did truly O or not but just had a hunch. I just started back on my Metformin last month.

So the spotting completely caught me off guard this morning. I went to pee this morning just waking up and I wiped and went to stand up and caught pink out of the corner of my eye so I wiped again and sure enough had a lighttt pink tinge discharge. This was around 8:30am. Now at noon the "spotting" is like a golden brown color. Sorry for the TMI dolls. My "normal" irregular cycles are between 40-65 days long. My "normal" regular cycles are 32 days exactly. Ive NEVER had a cycle shorter than 30 days. But with PCOS NOTHING is EVER normal lol. Im not sure if im over analyzing or not. Ive never had IB with my other two pregnancies. However I have been nauseated yesterday and today, I feel like I have a summer head cold yet I can smell everything. Im really afraid to test. It would be too early to test today right even if it were to be IB? Ahhhh someone please help me find my sanity!


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Old October 8th, 2015, 07:39 PM   #2
beyond blessed

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We have allmoved over here :

Did you get a BFP? I had IB at 15dpo


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12dpo, spotting?
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