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Ellyana Amaya-Maries Story - Birth Stories

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My contractions started June 29 2011 (my due date) but they were irregular and not painful at all I also lost my mucus plug that night. So about 3am on June 30th I lay down to go to bed I woke about about 9am to some more bloody mucus and the same irregular contractions. So we go over to my MIL and I walk and walk and now thwew about 5-10mins apart about 11am June 30th but they didnt hurt to much just really tight. So we wait for my SIL to get out of school n head to the hospital about 1am I get checked and a big suprise I was dilated to 5cm! So they admitt me and start pitocin cuz my contractions were still irregular. Well about 3pm they got pretty intense but i have a high pain tolerance so I was taking it like a Champ. About 440 they check me and i'm 7 well right when the nurse walk out I get a realllly bad contractions n feel like I got to push so I gave it a lil push and my water broke and then babygirl just started coming I went from 7-10 in a matter of 2mins So mySO ran and gets the nurse and I'm like I NEEEED TO PUSSSSH NOOOOOW!!!!!! and shes like NOOO do not push I'm like get tyhe damn DR!!!! I need to push it hurts and so the dr takes his sweet a** time and walks in all slow and says "do you need me" I'm like forget this and I just start pushing! and 2pushes and she was out lol. I did it with no epi and got 3stitches. She weighed 7lbs 12oz 19 1/2 inches my biggest baby. She was born 506pm on June 30th 2011. Beautiful babygirl<3


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