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Aroush's Birth ! - Birth Stories

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Aroush's Birth !

Hello all ,

Im returning here after almost 4 months after my painful labor n recovery. I would like to share my story here n would like to know if anyone else out there has experienced the same !

My EDD was 24th august 2010 , but i had reached 29th Aug, n my doc advised me to be induced rather than waiting any more. So i was scheduled for an induction on 30th august ... but on 29th at 4 a.m i had some leakage of a white mucous type discharge n some cramps. I called up my doc , she told me to wait untill the pains go stronger or i have my bag ruptured ! I waited till 2 p.m these sypmtoms completely went away. My husband asked me to visit d doc to get myself checked if everything was o.k ! This was my 1st pregnancy n we were being cautious.

I went to d hospital n my doc told me dat she would induce me .. so i was induced at almost 2:45 p.m

I hate to say dat but being induced probably is the worst thing .. it is so much painful n d pains just dont stop coming ... I was feeling pains but i was not dilating ... I felt d most miserable pains till 11 p.m but i was only 2cm dilated ! n i hate it when d doc kept coming to me to do my PV . It was a torture to bare the pains n at the same time let d doc do PV !

Till 11 pm my pains were literally unbarable. I was not screaming but it was getting hard for me to control ... I was crying n was close to screaming ... at dat moment i demanded an EPidural ...

My parents n family were against it ... as there are its side effects too ! so they wanted the birth to be natural ... but i insisted dat i couldnt bare the pain so i needed an epi.

The specialist came to put an epidural .. i was asked to sit firmly n avoid any kind of movements. It was hard to stay calm with so many pains coming n going .. i managed to sit still ... she put the needle inside my backbone n suddenly my left leg moved n kind of jumped ... Half of the injection was in n d rest was out ! The doc was not successful in passing the catheter ...
As a result half of my body below my belly was numb n i couldnt feel anything. I dunno y it happend ... coz i didnt move. I was completely still. Does anyone know y my left leg kinda got a shock !

After almost 1:30 hour i began to feel sensation in my lower body again ... n when i began feeling d pains i called the Epidural Specialist inside .. n she again did the same painful procedure n this time she managed to pass the catheter as well ! According to her I was a very difficult case as my vertebral bones are very close to each other n it was difficult for her to do her job !

It was almost 5 a.m in d morning, 30th Aug ! I had been in pain for 14 hours ! n i was stil 6 cm dilated . Anyways till almost 6 am i was 10 cm dilated ... the doc asked me to push ... ( I dunno much abt the medical terms n d procedures ) She was telling d nurse dat i had not crowned yet !

She asked me to push ... n then push n push .... may b it wasnt helping so she inserted forceps n my baby was deliverd with the help of forceps.

I had delivered a very beautiful baby girl !

Immediately after delivery i began to shiver so badly ... n i had lost a lot of blood .. I could see my doctor panic as i was losing a lot of blood.

I got stitches both in n out of Vagina. My doc inserted a gauge inside to stop bleeding. I was shifted to d ward . The gauge inside was troubling me so much ... it felt as if there was fire inside of me !

After almost spending an hour in the ward i was shifted to my private room. I called in the doc after 2 hours , the bleeding had stopped n thankfully they took out that gauge n i was relieved to some extent.

At night i felt a weird pain in my neck n shoulder n it grew stronger n stronger. It was hard for me to bare it , i started crying I didnt knw y i was having pain in my neck. My hubby called in a nurse n she gave me a pain killer injection. The pain went away for a few hours n came back again !

I had to bare the pain for almost 15 days .. those were the most miserable days of my life ... my neck n my shoulders hurt soooo much that i used to cry most of the time. Constipation n stitches made it worst for me. I was in pain from head to toe .. doc advised me to increase my intake of caffeine as it will help reduce d pain .. but nothing really helped ! I literally thought that I will not survive dis pain n will die soon !

I was v weak ... loss of blood made me dizzy. Since i was nursing my baby so i felt extreme weakness .... It took a lot of high protein diet n supplements to help me recover !

My baby is now 3 months n 15 days Mashallah but im still terrified of pregnancy, labor n postpartum !

I dunno how will i go through my other pregnancies as my hubby is so fond of kids n he wants a big family !

take care all of you !

plz post ur comments ....


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