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My birth experience - Birth Stories

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My birth experience

Cross posted in my DDC.

Linnis and I had a pretty interesting journey. The first time I had productive contractions I was only 26 weeks pregnant. By 27 weeks I was back at the hospital yet again and put on bed rest where were stayed for the next 10 weeks which involved 2 more trips to L & D before I was considered full term. Then the fun began. Going into labor – real hard, painful labor for over 6 hours only to get to 4-5 stall and be sent home still pregnant. Finally I begged for an induction and got it for the 22nd.
My induction was set for 6:30a Tuesday morning. DH and I had trouble sleeping the night before we only slept for maybe 4 hours before we had to be up to get to the hospital. We got there and got signed in and went up to L & D. I didn’t expect to have a baby six hours from then. Got to my room, peed in a cup, got set up for the monitors, had the blood draw, got the IV started and then answered like 500 questions. By the time they started the better than saline solution fluids it was like 7:15 or later. There was a student nurse and her teacher was explaining everything to her. It was very interesting to hear her explain what the monitors saw, what the IV stuff meant etc.
I was having on contractions 7 minutes apart like I’d had pretty much since Friday. My nurse called the OB who decided she needed to check me and if I was under 4 to start the pitocin if not to wait until 8:30 because he wanted to be able to finish his rounds before helping me deliver the baby. I was 3-4 according to the nurse so we waited, started the Star Trek DVDs DH had burned. The student nurse, Tara felt so weird having to stay in there so I explained why I watched Trek. Picking out words from the show and spelling them, naming star ship captains in order, naming star ship classes in order to get through my contractions. LOL.
OB came in and asked me to pee first so I did and then he checked me I was 3-4 70% effaced so he broke my water. He planned to let me labor with just the water broken because I was already in early labor. Then he broke my water and it was green…dark green and chunky. Yuck. So he told them to start the Pitocin. He told me I’d have a baby between 12-1. They started on the lowest and ended up upping it three times in that hour. It started to get intense pretty quickly. I wanted to hold off on the stadol as long as possible. Since I knew it was every 2 hours. Pretty soon I was spelling words – didn’t even make it through the first Trek episode. By the second I was moaning and spelling. Then I wanted to throw up and I wanted something for the pain.
The nurse came in[10a], gave me the stadol during the height of the contraction. By then the teacher had some in and she was like “It’s reaching it’s peak ride it out, it’s almost over.”. I was checked I was 5-6. Then EVERYONE started calling and after the third phone call DH answered I told DH to hang up the **** phone or I’d smash it to bits. The stadol made me really sleepy stupid during the down time but it didn’t really help with the pain at all. I am grateful for it though it helped me relax during the down times considering the pushing phase was so long.
I knew transition was coming. I told the Tara she would get to see her first birth before he had to leave and she should tell Becky they should call the doctor and get set up. She gave me a look. Although the look she gave me when I started thanking God for my baby and that I welcomed the pain that would finally bring her to me…yeah crazy Shay. The nurse comes in and wants to check me and I tell her not yet and sure enough it was 10:30 and I was 8-9 and the pressure was beginning and my legs were starting to go numb.
My nurse was calling everyone, the doctor and then nurses and she started off each call with “Yeah hurry up she doesn’t have an epidural”. The teacher nurse was amazing she helped me with the transition and helped me stay focused and controlled. No need going off in my head letting the pain get the upper hand. At 11 I announced I was ready to push and the baby was coming down and I felt the pressure building but not enough to push. Yeah they checked me and I was full dilated.
OB showed up and said see I told you, you would deliver between 12-1. The next one hour and 45 minutes are the longest of my life. Unlike with E I felt all of it. The pressure, the burning etc it was very intense and different from the all over pain of RA. The pain was different between the contractions it was gone. She wouldn’t come down. I have a tilted uterus so it’s like pushing up a hill…push then slide back, push then slide back. Finally when I pushed and peed they realized my bladder was too full to let her come down so they drained me according to DH like a Chevy. Thanks, hon.
The OB said he was going to do his best to help me not rip. I had to stop when he said to stop and push when he said to. My nurse and the teacher nurse were amazing. They helped keep me focused and told me when I was pushing right and explained how to keep the push going when I’d stop to breath so I wouldn’t loose the progress I’d made. I kept thinking between contractions OB and student OB really should ask before sitting their fingers into my vagina to check. Have a little consideration will ya.
Then since DH has silenced the phone a nurse came and asked if I wanted a visit from my MIL and I gave her a look and she laughed. By then her head was right there. The burning was insane. I swear I almost lost it. I was one of those screaming women. The OB and nurse were like you have to wait to stretch so you’ll rip less and the OB planned to support things and move things so I wouldn’t get so hurt. By then I had to rip off the **** blood pressure cuff and oxygen mask and oxygen sensory thing because they we’re pissing me off I also handed DH my glasses. Her head coming out – I literally thought I’d split in half. It was crazy intense and I screamed and I pushed and once her head was out I didn’t feel the rest of her. She was then on my tummy feet first…and she was crying and I was telling my nurse I’d had a baby and I lifted up her leg like to check a puppy yep it’s a girl. They announced time of birth, 12:45p.
DH didn’t want to cut the cord but they pushed him into it and they took her away. Then they said I had to deliver the placenta. Don’t even remember that with E when it was out I asked to see it and thought it was cool but really gross looking and they asked me if I wanted it. I said no. So then I realize they are all remarking on her size and one nurse went to get a scale. I said I’d guessed 7lbs 1oz but the nurse said oh she’s like 7lbs 14oz…nope 8lbs on the nose and 21inches long.
Everyone who came in marveled at the no epidural thing and said most women even with an epidural aren’t that controlled when dealing with such a long time pushing. Even after she was born they kept saying high pain tolerance etc.
Then OB informed me I had a second degree tare and he’d give me a local and fix it. That hurt worse than having her! My lord it’s just not right to feel someone putting stitches into your crotch. Not to mention the pinching and burning. So they cleaned me up and I had to try and nurse with those machines once again tying me up but she was here and all mine and I was in love. Oh whatever trouble OB gave me with everything during my pregnancy he rocks when it comes to delivering babies.
The student nurse Tara nearly cried she was so amazed at witnessing the birth and she couldn’t wait to write her paper on the experience. LOL. It was funny she’s several years older than me because she sounded like a punk kid. She and her teacher later thanked me, even more so the teacher because some of her students never get to witness a natural child birth[although I'm sure the Pitocin and Stadol would disagree with my vagina on that one]. I thanked her for her help and told her I enjoyed learning what she had to teach it added to my birth experience.


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Awww that was awesome! Good job, mama!!

Yea, the burning got me this time too. I didn't feel that with Dylan because I had pain meds. But wow...

She's beautiful!

lol...i can't believe your MIL showed up then and wanted to "visit"


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