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Dexter's Home Birth - Birth Stories

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Dexter's Home Birth

When I finally told my OB at 32 weeks that I intended to birth at home, he said that he couldn’t fully support me as I was a VBAC, but that he still wanted to continue to see me. My midwives counted that as a win. I really enjoyed my pregnancy and we decided not to find out the sex of the baby because we were going to have big surprises all around! I finished my last L&D clinical on February 27th, and had my exam on the 28th. Baby was free to come any time!

I agreed to an exam by my OB at 39 weeks in hopes that he could convince baby to come out soon. I was 4cm and 50% effaced which was further than I had ever been prior to labor beginning. That night I started having regular contractions as we were out at dinner. I put my support people on alert. But… nothing. As the days of spring break passed by, I was starting to get really discouraged and anxious. What if when I went back to class I was still pregnant?! Wouldn’t that be embarrassing when I had convinced everyone else and myself that labor was coming soon? I had horrible contractions following my last two clinical days and during my final exam, plus I had wanted to spend as much time with baby at home as possible before having to return to class. After about 5 days of panic, I finally found peace on Tuesday 3/5. There was nothing I could do but go along with whatever baby’s plans were. In fact, I had woken up from a dream that morning that I was in labor and felt crampy and “different” all day. But I had finally convinced myself that signs meant nothing.

I put the 2 older kids to bed at 8pm that night, their normal school night bedtime. Contractions started as soon as they were down, but weren’t intense though they were regular 3-5 minutes apart. I decided to pace up and down the hall for a bit while watching TV. I figured that if it wasn’t labor then at least some progress could be made. At 9 I put the baby to bed and then sat on my ball where the contractions continued. At 10 I decided to take a shower. I knew if they continued and got stronger in there then I was probably in labor, and if it didn’t then it was time for bed. They kept coming but I still wasn’t convinced. My husband was though and notified the midwives and my mom. I talked to my midwife and told her I still wasn’t sure if this was it, and even if it was then it was going to be a while. I told her I would call her back in an hour to update her.

It wasn’t 45 minutes later that it really picked up in intensity! It seemed like suddenly I had to concentrate really hard on breathing and relaxing. I intended on making some stupid witty facebook status about being in labor through the night AGAIN but I couldn’t even muster up the energy to do it. I called my midwives and told them I was out of labor denial and that I was ready for them. I called my friends who were supposed to come over for support but neither of them answered. I managed to muster up the energy to text my friend who was coming over to take photos and she said that she would be over but had to leave by 5am for a conference. I figured something was better than nothing! I tried to get into the bathtub but couldn’t get comfortable. It was just too small. I told Trent to start filling the pool which he had already set up while I was making calls.

The photographer arrived first, around 1am. Everyone else was coming from about an hour away, so they got there around 1:30. I was still able to talk between contractions but it seemed like every move I made brought them on so I was trying to be really still. My midwife asked if I wanted to be checked and I said sure though I told myself not to be disappointed. I was 6cm and was happy about it. It’s the furthest I’ve made it without the epidural! I was on the couch for a while until Trent said that the pool was full. I stripped down and got in.

I was disappointed that the water didn’t take away more of the pain. It still seemed unbearable. My midwife saw that I was struggling and started guiding me through moaning through the contractions. I kept saying that I couldn’t do it but I never said it with conviction and never really thought that I couldn’t, it just sucked. Trent never left my side. I started to get hot and aggravated with people and they suggested I take a bathroom break. The last place I wanted to be was the toilet. I was really tense so Lisa guided me to relax my body. It worked for about a second before I began to feel pressure and apparently let out a blood curdling scream. I don’t remember it but I’m told it happened. Lisa asked me where I wanted to have the baby and I said “Well not on the toilet!” and she suggested that we move. I practically jumped back in the pool. I continued to feel pushy so she asked to check to make sure I was complete and maybe break my water. I was 8cm and the bag was too tough to break.

Everyone floated in and out of sleep, including me. I was still moaning through each contraction but they were getting much longer and I was getting much louder. Contractions were quadruple peaking. After 45 minutes that felt like 1 long contraction, Lisa asked if I wanted to give rupturing the membranes another go because I tend to go quickly after that. I was complete upon her exam and she asked me to give a push and my water broke. She checked heart tones and it was fine. Another contraction began and I had a momentary freak out when I felt my body pushing. Just like that, the head was out! She unwound a lose cord and with one more push I felt the bony shoulders go through my pelvis. I yelled “It’s over!” and then when I felt testicles in my hand, “It’s a boy!” Dexter was born at 4:24am, just 5 hours after being out of labor denial and just 30 minutes before my photographer had to leave. Lisa told me to reach down and feel the pulsing cord and Trent did the same. We got him to latch onto my breast and the placenta was delivered about 15 minutes later.

The entire morning was pretty much a blur but I remember the boys coming out as I was nursing to meet their brother and him being given a clean bill of health. We both jumped into a healing tea bath and were tucked into bed to rest for the day. My dad came over to play with the kids for a while and I remember eating a bowl of soup in bed and couldn’t believe that I had just given birth that morning! Even though it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. But for now it was a wonderful way to complete our family!

(And I just finished the semester with a 4.0 )


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