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Our First Baby - Shane's Birth Story :) - Birth Stories

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Our First Baby - Shane's Birth Story :)

I was two days past my due date (I was due on June 25th 2012) and I went to my OBGYN the day before and she stripped my membranes. She told me "Now don't go into labor tomorrow because I'll be out of town.", not that I could control it anyway lol. But she ended up jinxing me.
On the 27th, at around 11pm, I started feeling slight contractions and having some bloody show. I called the hospital and asked what to do. They said to call back if I was still bleeding around midnight. When midnight rolled around, I called back and they told me to come in. So my boyfriend had his friend take us to the hospital (because we don't have a car).
When we got there they immediately checked to see how dialated I was and I was just under 3cm dialated, but the nurse said they wanted to keep me overnight anyway since I had a lot of bleeding. She gave me a shot of morphine (which made me loopy as hell) and let me go to sleep.
At around 8am, the on call doctor came in and said that I had the choice of either going home and waiting, or getting my water broken and put on Pitocin. I chose to be induced, I was sick of waiting
After about an hour of Pitocin, I asked for my epidural. It numbed most of my pain, but definitely not all of it! By 3:55pm that afternoon, I was fully dialated and ready to push, and at 4:11pm, our beautiful son was born. We named him Shane Anthony. He was born at 9lbs 9oz, 21.5 inches.
When he was born, both of us had a fever and his blood sugar was a little low, but everything was good after about an hour


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