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Owen Matthew's birth story- May 25, 2007 - Birth Stories

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Owen Matthew's birth story- May 25, 2007

I've decided to write this up on here as a reference for myself and anyone else hoping to learn something from a rotten birth story

May 24, 39w6d
I had my 40 week appointment early this morning. She did a sweep and stretch like she had the past 2 weeks and said she pulled out the last good chunk of my plug. It was pretty bloody. I was 3cm and expecting to go at any second. I cried when she mentioned induction 10 days later. I just couldn't imagine being pregnant another day, let alone 10 days! Also, that would be my sister's birthday and I really didn't want another June baby in the family. He would never get his own day.

When we got home I went for a swim since the weather was unusually warm. I continued to lose a lot of bloody mucous but still went to work that night. It was my last scheduled day and I brought popsicles for my girls at the gym. Just before my last class I started to notice some contractions. One of the ladies I worked with is also the head nurse at L&D where I was delivering, and I asked her when an appropriate time to go in was. She told me that if I had been having contractions for 3 straight hours 5 minutes apart, I could go in to get checked out even if they weren't painful. At about 11pm we had hit that point, and when they put the monitors on they were coming every 4 minutes. They weren't incredibly painful, but had been going on for hours and I felt sore. The nurses told me they just weren't strong enough, and sent me home but expected to see me back the next day.

May 25 - Due date!

Sleep sucked, but I did get some on the couch. Immediately when I woke up I noticed that the contractions had definitely picked up in intensity- this is what they meant when I would know! I was really excited that they were still coming and called my mom to come over and help me clean as they got stronger. At 1pm I ate a sandwich and decided I couldn't do it anymore at home without some good drugs. So we headed in.

I noticed that contractions slowed down when they got me on the monitor and they said that I was 2cm. wtf? How did all of those contractions make me lose a cm? I cried because I knew they were going to send me home. I noticed that the nurse was watching the tape very closely though, and that Owen's heart rate had dropped significantly with a few contractions. I was told that I had nothing to worry about but a few minutes later they told me they were keeping me. I walked to my labor room and the doctor on call was waiting for me. He told me "I don't think you're in labor. You're lucky he's having problems or I would send you home". Uh, thanks? I said I needed pain meds and they were reluctant to give me any. I really wasn't coping well though, so they agreed to give me an epidural. Unbeknownst to me, they also started me on a heavy duty dose of pitocin at the same time. Because of course when baby's already having issues you want to add pitocin right?

Luckily at this point my doctor showed up and broke my water. There was meconium but she didn't make a big deal about it. I was still in a lot of pain, feeling each of the contractions with the pitocin. My friends and family had started to show up for support but I felt like I was in and out of reality. My progress was slow, but I continued to progress. Around 8cm I started to feel a little pressure and the doc was happy. Pitocin was on it's highest dose.

But apparently it all went down hill from there. The pain became very intense and no one told me what was going on. It was like I didn't have an epidural at all except that I couldn't move. They had started to set up my room for delivery and I was relieved that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Suddenly a TON of people came into my room. My doctor checked me quickly and said that I was complete, but that I needed to have a c-section. His heart rate had been stair-stepping through transition and at this point was basically undetectable. I had to drink something to keep me from vomiting and they upped my epidural as they wheeled me to the OR. DH changed into scrubs as they prepped me, and he came in just as they felt comfortable making the incision. I was still having some sensation, but I didn't want to be knocked out.

From the second they told me we needed a section to the second he was out in 11 minutes. Owen was pink and healthy, 9lbs with a nuchal cord and they told me those were the problems. He had trouble controlling his temp and blood sugar so they checked every hour. In recovery I didn't feel comfortable holding him right away because I was shaking uncontrollably. Eventually after my visitors held him I had calmed down a little and was able to nurse him and watch DH give him a bath.

At this point it was around 3am and I finally got to go to my room. My mom and sisters made sure I was comfortable and then left at 330. They took out my catheter. At 7am on the dot a nurse was in my room to get me to walk to the bathroom. I've never hated someone more in my life than I did her right then. I hadn't slept, I was in an insane amount of pain, but I did make it to the bathroom.

I had lots of visitors that first day, and a visit from my doc. She apologized for how everything ended, and I said that I was ok with it because I knew it didn't mean I'd always have to have a c-section. She looked at me and said "Honestly, once a big baby, always a big baby. In fact, they tend to get bigger. I'm pretty sure you will never have a vaginal birth." I was crushed. Breastfeeding was a little rough and with all the visitors I wasn't sleeping much. That night I laid down to sleep and suddenly I couldn't breathe. The pain in my neck and chest was insane. DH was there and called the nurses who rushed in with monitors and tried to encourage me to breathe deeply. I started screaming and crying and so did Owen. One of the nurses yelled at me for scaring him. The next day they brought in a contraption that was a pillow that moved air through it that was supposed to help the pain that I still felt in my neck, shoulder and chest. The thing that helped most was a heating pad.

It was Memorial Day weekend and they allowed me to stay an extra day because the birth certificate lady wasn't there. I was just starting to reach a point where I could get up on my own power and change a diaper, so I took it. I went home on Memorial Day and slept for days straight.

I went back to work at 4 weeks pp and developed a sweet case of PPD. I felt so guilty because I wanted to be happy but I didn't know how. Life was just horrible. I couldn't forgive myself for my impatience, I felt like somehow the entire experience was my fault, and I wondered if I would ever love him like I expected. Of course it's almost 5 years later now and of course I love this big guy, but I still have a ton of regrets and things I wish I knew going in. But in a lot of ways I wouldn't change it either. The disaster of emotions I felt after his birth have taught be so much and have guided so much of what I do now. I wish no one ever had to go through what I did, and I wish everyone could have their ideal births.


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