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My son's birth story - Birth Stories

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My son's birth story

Today is my son's 16th birthday and, in honor of him, I decided to share his birth story with everyone. I was 18 and a single mother when I had him. I'd gone with my mother to the doctor's office that day and, despite being THREE WEEKS overdue, didn't expect to go into the hospital that night. But I did and the next morning the pitocen started at 8am.

By 9am . . . . nothing. The nurses came in, looked at me, looked at each other and then went to call the doc. "Up the meds," was his answer. They did. 10 am came - and went. The nurses came in again. Repeat of earlier exam. Slowly getting there. Then they look at the monitor that shows all the contractions. The nurse turns to me and says, "You're in the middle of a big one. Here," and holds out her hand. Well, I hold out my hand thinking she's gonna hand me something. For the next minute we both eyeball each other like the other person's crazy.

Finally she asks me, "Did you get an epi?" "Uh, what?" "Don't you feel that?" "Feel what?" "Contractions! You're having back to back contractions!" ""

Next thing I know, there's a team of doctors and nurses poking at me and looking at each other with these really constipated looks on their faces. I never felt a thing. Well, they finallyu just gave up on that little mystery and realized that my son wasn't progressing at all and an emergency c-section was called.

They do all those things that must be done before surgery, and wheel me into the before flopping me on that ice cold metal table. Then the surgery begins. I do great until I feel a kind of thunk and hear, "oops." This is NOT something you want to hear during your surgery! I look over and my poor mother (who insisted on comeing with me into surgery) was white. I thought something bad had happened. It didnt. You see, they couldn't get my son out. He had his little legs braced apart and kept trying to root his way back in. They finally grabbed that suction thing and put it on his head to help with the delivery. (Remember this was back in 1995 and I had a quack for a doctor since I didnt know any better back then). Well, the thunk was his head coming loose and him happily sloshing his way back where he was to begin with.

They finally get him out and all I hear is, "Wow, he's a big one." Then the squalling began. I was told by one nurse later on that there was an elderly patient wallking by the nurses' station during that time and stopped to ask if there'd been an accident since the child sounded like he was in pain.

Well, they got him cleaned up and walked over to me, passed me up, and headed out the door. My mother stopped the nurse and asked if we were going to be able to see him. Her reply, "Oh. Do you want to? I was headed out to give him to your husband." My father had been standing outside the OR looking through the windows and he'd motioned for her to bring him the baby! And the fruitcake listened!

Well, she comes back, leans down for literally 5 seconds and then bops on out the door and hands him over to his grandpa. That's all I remember until I woke up being wheeled into my room. Right after that, those stupid shakes that you sometimes get when the block wears off started. Unfortunately my poor grandpa was there and he would not accept any explanation except that I was cold and I was shaking too bad to say differently. Needless to say, by the time I came out of it and was back to normal, I had about 14 blankets piled on me and felt like I was in a furnace.

But I managed to get up, slough off the layers of thick cotton blankets, and look around for my son who was sleeping happily in grandpa's arms. To this day he is his grandpa's darling. And he still puts up a fight whenever you try to get him to leave his bed in the morning. Guess his birth should have been an indication that he was gonna be stubborn.

Bottom line, enjoy your pregnancy, your births, and your babies. They grow up way, way too fast.


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thanks for sharing such a beautiful story!!! happy sixteenth to your baby!!!


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Old March 25th, 2011, 01:32 AM   #3

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Happy 16th b-day to your son!


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Old March 25th, 2011, 06:48 PM   #4
Love my baby boy!

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beautiful, thanks for sharing!


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