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Brennan's Birth Story (cross posted from DDC) - Birth Stories

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Brennan's Birth Story (cross posted from DDC)

I woke up with contractions at 1 in the morning on 5/11 and started timing them. They weren't painful but they were coming pretty consistently, so I called the doc. They told me to go to L&D since at my doctors appointment the previous week I was 3cm and 50% effaced. We go in and they hook me up to the monitor and check me and I am not progressing. So they sent me home and the contractions petered out.

So Andy and I did some walking and eating spicy food, sex...whatever we could to keep things going. Nada. So the sitter kept the boys and it is a good thing they did.I woke up at 2:45am with wet underwear and though I had peed myself since I wasn't leaking anymore. So I put a towel down on the bed just in case and laid back down. At about 3:15am I thought I felt a little leaking again so I got up and surprise... my water was definitely broken. I ended up going to the hospital in DH's swimming trunks with a hotel hand towel tucked in there.

We were at the hotel because our stuff had been packed up and moved to Guam already. Called the doc and he said come on in. I took two other bath towels to sit on in the car on the 30 minute drive to the hospital. I asked DH to stop so I could get something to eat because I knew they wouldn't let me eat once we got there. There was nothing open, so we went through Bruggers Bagels since we knew someone would be in there baking. DH knocked on the window and begged the kind lady to make me a sesame bagel toasted with cream cheese and she was nice enough to comply. She didn't even take any money.

We got to the hospital at about 5am and they hooked me up to the monitors and did the test to see if my water broke and it did... I could have told them that. I stole 3 towels from the hotel at to try to contain the flood. lol! They admitted me and tried to get the IV in. I warned her I am a bleeder and good thing I did... I bled all over. They blew the vein in my left hand so they had to poke me again on my right hand. Again I bled all over and they laughed a little at the fact that I warned them and that it was a good thing I did. They started the Pitocin going and gave me antibiotics for the Group B strep by 6am. I got into a good pattern of contractions at about 9, but they weren't terribly strong still.

They kept upping the Pitocin slowly because of my previous c-section. At 10:45 ish they checked me and I was 4 almost 5cm and 70% effaced. I got the epidural at around 11:15 after strong recommendations from the doctors because I was attempting a VBAC, and things progressed very fast quickly after that. They checked me at about 12:15 and I was 6cm 75% effaced and 0 station. Then 45 minutes later they checked me again because he had some decels in his heart rate and I was 8cm 90% effaced and -2 station. They had me roll onto my sides to try to solve the decels, and they put me on oxygen. They tried to get a scalp monitor on him and less than 10 minutes later, I was complete and complete and Brennan was coming down. I hadn't even pushed yet and he was almost ready to come out. My best friend walked through the door just as he was crowning and then Brennan Louis F. was born at 1:12pm.

It was very strange feeling him come down the birth canal on his own, awesome experience! He did have his cord loosely around his neck and then again around his body, so we are lucky all turned out well. He also took a long time to pink up, and he didn't cry at all the first day. Lots of squeaky noises, but no crying. He still doesn't cry very much. Very little tearing (about 4 stitches worth) and Brennan's apgars were 8 and 9. He is 20.5 inches long and just beautiful. It was kind of cool too because I had a med student in there with the doctor and it was his first delivery.

Great delivery and a wonderful experience altogether. It was a little scary with the decels and the lack of pinking up, but I got to nurse him before he went to the nursery and for the first time I got to hold my baby before DH! I am so SOOOO happy about the way my delivery went and so happy to have met another one of my beautiful sons. He is a great baby and sleeps 4-5 hour stretches already. We were discharged on Thursday after some deal making. They don't usually discharge that quick but because I was doing so well and baby was looking good they let us go just after 24 hours, if we promised to bring Brennan to the doctor the next morning for a Bilirubin test. He passed with flying colors and weighed 7lb 8oz.

The biggest adventure surrounding his birth is doing a move and a long car trip in the week he was born. Our house got packed up then we moved to a hotel and the Monday following Brennan's birth we were in the car on our way to CT. What a journey he has had already in his short life.

Thanks for reading my crazy birth story.

Here are a few pics of our gorgeous boy...


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