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Bleeding after birth - Your Postpartum Body

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Old May 16th, 2015, 09:33 PM   #9

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I was on different bc pills for years, but after working in a law firm that did class action cases for lots of different forms of bc. I'm scared to go on any here on out. Its terrifying seeing what it did to women. After I had DD I did try the non hormonal iud, but it fell out of place 3 weeks later, sop I had it removed.
We were doing condoms and natural family planning, but those failed us too and number 3 is on her way LOL. After she is born I plan on having the essure procedure done if DH still refuses the vasectomy. I do not want a 4th baby.


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Originally Posted by cnd29 View Post
Originally Posted by AmeliaPond View Post
I've been on ortho tricyclen basically for the last 18 years (except a gap while TTC/pregnant. And maybe a couple other random gaps throughout the years.) My cycle is exactly 28 days on the pill. Always has been. (Off the pill is a completely different story though.)
Same for me! I've been on it since my early 20s (I'm 35) except when ttc/preggers. Only way I'm regular.
I went on it at 16 because my period wouldn't show up for months and when it did, I was in misery. I'd miss school because I was in so much pain. So I pretty much have just stayed on it all these years. I am 34 now. I really don't want to be on it forever though. Once we are done having kids, my husband is going to get a vasectomy. And I'll just have to deal with irregular cycles until menopause. Ugh. I dread it. I love being able to plan vacations around my period. Those days will be gone since my cycles can be anywhere from 29 days to 70 days or whatever.


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