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24 Days late PCOS and thyroid normal? - Am I Pregnant?

Old August 8th, 2016, 11:27 PM   #1

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24 Days late PCOS and thyroid normal?

My lmp was on 6/14
I was suppose to start on 7/15 but didnt.
I have pcos but I have been regular for last year and a half
My average has been between 28-31 days
When my period didnt arrive I started testing like crazy all bfn
I had some pretty strong evaps but followed by negatives
I went to my obgyn when I was 17 days late.
Her urine test was negative as well Ive been seeing her for almost 10 years since I was diagnosed with PCOS so she knows my body and its irregularities.
We did a thyroid, FSH, and LH panels figuring my PCOS or hypothyroid was flaring up all of the sudden
Today im 24 days late and she called and all of my hormones are perfect. In normal ranges!!!!! I havent tested since last tuesday.
i think just because i figured it was my PCOS after so many negatives being so late for my AF.
I have not been under any unusual stress, have not experienced sickness, or change in exercise.

Im freaking out idk whether to test again or not? Is it even possible to be pregnant 24 days late with negatives?


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Old August 9th, 2016, 11:46 PM   #2
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Anything's possible if you dtd! Could you have just skipped a cycle and Oed later than you expected- hence not really 24 days late, but just a few days late?


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