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Anyone have Vertigo early pregnancy? - Pregnancy Chat

Old April 30th, 2015, 04:54 PM   #1
Mama 2 Five

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Anyone have Vertigo early pregnancy?

Feeling like the room was moving side to side around me was one of the weird things that caused me to dip that hpt on Monday. I had severe episodes of vertigo on Sunday, to the point where I had to sit for awhile because I couldn't stand up without feeling like the room was moving and I was going to fall over, in the mall of all places. I have drastically increased my water intake since I got the BFPs. I had fewer and less severe episodes yesterday but today, particularly this afternoon, they're back. I ate so it's not blood sugar related. It seems like when I started to get tired/worn out they got worse but I don't know what's related to what or how.

Looking for tips, tricks...anything really, to help me deal with this.

I am not morning sick, yet, only randomly a little bit of a weird, gaggy feeling in my throat when something triggers it like weird smell or teethbrushing. I do have Sea Bands from previous pregnancies and Earth Mama Angel Baby sampler packs of tea just in case I get hit with bad m/s like I have had in past pregnancies but I don't think any of that will help me with Vertigo. I will look up Sea Bands to be sure though.


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Old June 8th, 2015, 11:12 AM   #2

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I have it all the time, but it got WAY worse when I had my early loss (just before the loss)
I often times take meclizine (generic dramamine) but I'm not sure how PG safe it is (I didn't take it then because I wasn't sure). For me I have to sit down and calm down.
How are your iron levels? Anemia can increase the severity as well as low blood sugar so I would make sure you're getting sufficient levels of iron as well.
I hope it goes away, and if not that they doc can help you with it.


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