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Adelaide's almost 3 month update - January 2015 Playgroup

Old April 10th, 2015, 08:40 PM   #1

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photopost Adelaide's almost 3 month update

Since Tiffany posted an update on handsome Caleb I figured I'd do one too.

Adelaide is two days short of three months old. I think she's around 12 or so pounds, but I'll weigh her on Sunday. She was almost 11 at two months. Solidly in 0/3 month sizes, I think we have at least another month before she outgrows them.

The birthmark on her face is officially a hemangioma. It's getting more and more raised, which worries me, but one day at a time. We got a hip dysplasia diagnosis and almost got put into a Pavlik harness (I had more than a little angst about that), but her pediatric orthopedist determined that it was mild enough that we could wait and see. She probably won't need one, but we find out for sure on the 22nd.

She's getting really interested in seeing her own reflection and is reaching for things a lot. She's discovered her voice and that she can yell for fun. She's laughing more and more. She likes Ed Sheeran and indie music of all things. Loves if you blow on her face for some weird reason.

She's finally willing to spend the first three hours of the night sleeping alone and falls asleep at bedtime very easily. I feed her when I go to bed (3 hours after she does) and then she wakes up once around 4. Not bad. My milk supply is still horrible and she's getting almost all of her calories from formula, but I hand express several times a day (I can't get anything with a pump) and after a few days I have enough to replace one bottle of formula. I nurse her for comfort. It's sad, and I still have a lot of feelings about it, but the arrangement works okay. We're full time cloth diapering and loving it. Haven't had her in a disposable for weeks. We were using disposables in public and overnight, but her orthopedist said cloth was much better for hip development so we went full time and never looked back. Babywearing is a huge fail. I want to love it but it kills my back. Whomp whomp whooomp.

She got baptized! That was awesome and very special. She's still inexplicably blond and I think people are still wondering if the mailman might be too.


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Old April 10th, 2015, 10:41 PM   #2

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Jumping in from march... My 4 week old is the same size as your 3 month old. He must be longer though because he is growing out of the 0-3 already. Lol

Your little girl is very cute and has so much hair! I'm a blonde and she has more hair than I did as a toddler. So much cute.


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Old April 11th, 2015, 02:40 PM   #3

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She is super adorable! I hope everything works out for her. I switched to EP cause BF was just horrible for him. He choked he gagged and wouldn't get enough my let down was too fast and too much. I tried almost everything nothing worked. It's so sad not being able to BF like you want to. I have my down days as I am sure you have yours. As long as our LO's are gaining like they should and healthy then that's all that should really matter


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Old April 13th, 2015, 11:12 PM   #4

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Love the update!! She has so much hair my goodness!! Were any of you guys blonde as babies?? Family Members?? Either way it's adorable on her


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adelaide's, month, update
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