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Weird symptoms I've never had before - Am I Pregnant?

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Weird symptoms I've never had before

Oook all. So I have not had sex where my SO has not withdrawn for like a month and a half, but I think closer to 2 months. I got my period last week of September and it just now has seemed to go away.

Now, I have tender boobs which I've NEVER had before. And I have discharge that is clear with the barest hint of that brown yucky after period stuff but its...thick and stretchy? Idk how to explain it exactly but like when I wiped myself I literally felt it coming out of me. Also I'm breaking out like none other but that is kinda normal for me.

Sorry. I know this is A LOT of personal TMI type info but I just have to know...is it possible I'm pregnant? I'm the type of person that will assume yes and buy a pregnancy test...just to start my period like 2 hours later lol so any advice anyone can give me would be awesome.



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