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Positive OPK two days in a row? - Fertility Problems, Treatments & Long Term TTC

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Heart Positive OPK two days in a row?

Hello ladies, first and formost I am devestated that the site will be closing. I might as well get the advice and support before it's all gone I am so upset because I've been trying for so long and JUST started Clomid this is my first cycle, and I need support more than ever. This will be the hardest TWW of my LIFE!

Anyways, now that that's out of the way... I tested yesterday CD 14 and got a STRONG positive OPK, the test line was darker than control STRONG. I'm so happy this means that the clomid is working. So Of course we DTD last night, then my spouse left to work this morning after he left I tested and another STRONG positive! I re-tested about 5 hours later and still strong positive. I will DTD again tonight when we both get home from work, do you think I can/have caught the eggie? When will I be Ovulating? According to Ovia I have a 9.5 fertility score. Todays CD 15. I got the positive CD 14 & 15, we DTD CD 11,12,13,14 and will tonight then tomorrow, then most likely the next day.

NOTE last night I used the max amount of pre seed and applied it internally with the applicator. Hopefully this will increase my chances!

That's another thing I wanted to touch up on, I stopped using OPK's the past 4 months or so and we just DTD all the time. I used my app to determine my fertile times, and it was WAY off. Maybe it's the Clomid, I'm O'ing sooner but it was like a week off. Hmm.


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