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Candace's WTTC journal (AvonMommyof3) - Journals

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Oh my goodness, I'm so extremely disappointed in myself! I can't even believe that it's been almost a year since I've written in this journal!

Anyhoo, a lot has happened during the whole year, and I am SO glad to report how much better the outlook is! The counseling that we had at the beginning of the year helped somewhat, but it was short lived. We had a horrible September and October and I even left for almost a week. Something must have snapped inside DH because he is a different man than I've ever known in the whole 10 years I've been with him. It's the one I've been waiting for all this time. This one was the one that I knew for the first year of my relationship and for some reason went into hiding. It's the one that is kind and considerate, caring and loving, and wants to stop at nothing to see me happy. For ONCE, I finally don't worry about the future of my relationship! It's one of the best feelings that many people won't even get to experience. It's the reason I'm finally able to start even considering TTC again. It's gonna be a bright and beautiful future.

As for the weight loss, those great things I was eating, as mentioned in previous posts, did not last long. I totally let go over the summer and through Thanksgiving. I know I need to step it up because I only have 9 months before I start TTC so I still have a bit of weight to lose before then. Like most people, I'm letting the holidays pass before I get started on track. One good thing I can say though is that I have been taking a pole fitness class for a couple weeks now and I'm glad I'm at least able to get some kind of exercise in. It's been helping with my strength building quite a bit. I need to make cardio a more frequent thing though or else the fat will never come off.

As for work, I was working for a large insurance company for 11 months until this past Monday. I was informed that I would have until 12/21, so even though I knew my last day was coming, I didn't expect it to be so sudden. I have since updated my resume and emailed it to my agency, so I'll be following up with them. I have also visited a few stores in the mall and left some applications there. There is one store in particular that is expressing an interest...Destination Maternity! How perfect would that be??? Me, the aspiring midwife, getting to work with other pregnant women! Yes I honestly think it would be torture for me since I'm WTTC, but I'm trying to really focus on the long term. This job would only be part time, so it'll give me a chance to focus on my business more, which is something I really want to spend more time on.

So, for now, that's where I'm at. I'm truly excited to see what new adventures lie ahead!


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