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Trying to be hopeful, but very anxious and nervous - Rainbow After the Storm

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Crying Trying to be hopeful, but very anxious and nervous

I have had 2 chemical pregnancies 1) Sept. 2012 and 2) March 2013 both while trying for baby number 2. W went to the RE to see if they could determine why this kept happening. We discovered that my uterus was 50% scarred from an undetected retained placenta and D&C I had a month after my daughter was born in Aug. of 2010. I had laparoscopy to remove the scar tissue Nov. 2013.

I am now 4 and a half weeks pregnant and I just got my first labs...

HCG 449

Progesterone 17

My doctor said these are good for this point and my progesterone was low both times before. I am waiting for the doctors call tomorrow to see if my HCG is doubling like it should.

I know that all things so far look good, but I just can't let myself get excited yet. I am so nervous day to day. I can't wait till my first ultrasound to see what is going on. If my scar tissue came back I might not be able to carry to term! I'm trying to be hopeful but there are so many factors!


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In a peaceful place

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Many prayers for a happy and healthy 9 months


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anxious, hopeful, nervous
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