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Starting the journory!!! - Journals

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Starting the journory!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Jacquelyn.
I am in the waiting game! I am a mother of 2. My son Noah is 6 and my daughter Kate is 3. I got divorced 3 years ago. About 1 1/2 ago I met the man of my dreams! Matt and I just bought our first house together 4 months ago. It has been a journey of wanting a baby for 6 months now. Matt has no kids so to get him to see the beauty of having children has been difficult. I "popped" the question of having a baby when he move into my apartment with me. He thought it would be best to wait until we got a house and got married. I tried to compromise in just waiting until we got a house and he seemed to go for it now 4 months later I had not mentioned having a Baby. I am first working on getting married!

Last night I asked him
ME: what do you think about when it comes to us getting married?"
SO: I think about it a lot, I just want to give you the ring you deserve"
ME: I would love to just be married, I'm not worried about a huge ring"
SO: we'll I would have to just get you a "starter ring" and then eventually upgrade "

::happy dance:;
So maybe he his thinking valentines day ?! Haha I don't want to get my hopes up but I would be the happiest woman alive! No joke haha!

Matt and I dont use any protection and I don't take birth control so it could happen before we even get married. I have realized that men are SCARED of the whole TTC aspect of having a baby. I'm not going to mention Ttc if he is okay with going in me without taking bc. I just like the fact of trying and being in it together trying to have a baby and not a "oh we are pregnant."

Also he wanted a better job and today he just started his new promotion as a operations manager at a valet company for the hospital I work at. So proud of him!

Well I will keep you all posted on whatever happens in my journey! Take care


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Hi! Welcome to TMP. You may want to pop in and say hi to the girls in NTNP as well. You can find them here: http://www.themommyplaybook.com/foru...lay.php?f=1030

Good luck! I'm sure you'll conceive when the time is right.


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