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Misty's WTTC Journal...BABY FEVER - Journals

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Today is another step in my journey. I get my IUD out today! I am actually in the waiting room right now waiting on the doctor who got tied up in surgery.
I'm so nervous and excited. I have about a million and one things running through my head; is this going to hurt (probably), I can't believe I was early to this appointment (I usually am either barely on time or a few minutes late), I wish I would have gotten up earlier and exercised instead of waiting for tonight, how is Claire going to handle me being pregnant, is it going to be as easy to get pregnant this time as it was the last time, will I treat them equally?
One of my biggest fears is the fear that I can't love this child as much as I love Claire. Or that I'll get caught up in baby fever and Claire will feel left out. I'm starting to tear up just thinking about it. This prego woman is lookig at me like I'm nuts, lol.
I just need to give my worries to God. I know that I'm going to (and already have) make mistakes, but I'm going to to my best. I always say; "I may not be the best mom, but I'm the best mom that I can be.".


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baby fever!!!, wttc
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