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Crystal Getting Pregnant - Take Two? - Trying Again: Our Journals

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Crystal Getting Pregnant - Take Two?

I decided that I would start a journal so that if anyone inclined to read it may get to know me a bit better. Turns out I'm hard to know even online. So I will give a little history.

Been with DH since 2001, married in 2010. TTC since my PCOS diagnosis in 2006. Although I do have to say that I'm glad it didn't happen before we were married and in our own home. I'm a animal lover and I have 5 pets.

In February of this year I started Clomid. This was during a transit strike in my area which left my husband staying with his family and me staying with mine since each family lived closer to work. I took the Clomid anyway knowing that month was out of the question. By the time March rolled around and I ended up taking my Clomid when I remembered it (CD5 instead of CD3) and the transit strike ended and we were back home. I knew this would be the cycle that I got pregnant. Fast foward to Easter weekend. I had my cousin and her DH over and I could zip up my jeans. I knew that Clomid makes you bloat but seriously this was crazy! Bloating and tender breasts continued and I came home that Tuesday while working a split shift and randomly looked at my open bathroom closet. I decided that since I needed to pee and it was right there I would take it. So I did.

So the top test was the first one. I was in shock and before I started work again that day I bought two more.

Almost immediately I knew it was too good to be true. I thought what is the catch. I went to my family dr and had blood drawn. She told me that my numbers were abnormally low and that this was an impending miscarriage. I called my RE's office and ended up being told that since my RE was on sabbatical that I would just have to wait until 12 weeks for an ultrasound. I started bleeding after I left my family dr's office. A couple weeks later I ended up calling my RE's office and demanding an ultrasound. I got a call back within 45 minutes giving me a half hour to get there.

I had my first ultrasound, the attending RE seemed to think I had a blighted ovum. She saw an empty sac and then she had me check my hcg. She wanted me to come back at the end of the week. So I went that Friday morning and had my second ultrasound. The sac was no longer there and she told me that my HCG was over 133, 000. A far cry from the 50 they had told me. She had my HCG done again and asked me if I had eaten anything that day. I hadn't because I wasn't hungry. She told me not to because I may need a D&C and possible exploratory surgery.

I got a call later that afternoon that my HCG was now 155, 000 and to come in for my surgery. I went and checked myself in and signed consent forms and waited for my husband to meet me. He didn't get to see me before the surgery but he was there afterwards and told me that I had an ectopic pregnancy but not to worry I still have my tube.

My surgery went really well and my physical scars are healing nicely. For two weeks after my surgery I felt really lucky. Like I had a near death experience. Then after that I became depressed. I gained some weight that just seemed to make it worse.

I ended up being treated for major depressive disorder and post partum depression. I'm now in counselling and on anti depressants. I actually feel good and hopeful.

I'm back in my second month ttcal. Here is hoping that that it doesn't take 6 years again.


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i am sorry but that you for sharing your story


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ectopic pregnancy, ttcal
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