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Update on Us. - January - February 2011 Playgroup

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Old February 8th, 2013, 04:33 PM   #9
Pumpkin Pie
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Thanks, Robin! I am over the moon! I have been umming and aahhing about 1 more since I started to realize my son is going to leave home in the next few years and my step son doesn't live with us so it'll just be Autumn and I really wanted her to grow up with a sibling a little closer in age as I have 2 sisters close in age 1 older and 1 younger than me and I love that I have them there. I know my sons love Autumn and vice versa but its not the same with the age gap and everything. DH and I decided that we could have tons more babies if we got our finances in order and as soon as we gave babies a thought I was pregnatn! It wasn't planned, but very welcome and the 2 yrs and 8 month age gap with Autumn is perfect. Guess nature had its own plans!!

Turns out our finances are going in the right direction too atm, touch wood so it might all merge at he end of 2013 and we can start 2014 in a totally new phase!

Had my first scan today actually and my due date is the day after my son's bday and 4 days before my step sons so it is certainly going to be an interesting week that week if the baby comes on time!


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