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Quick Update on Us! - January - February 2011 Playgroup

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Pumpkin Pie
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Quick Update on Us!

I just thought I would fill ya'll in! we've been really busy the last few weeks with all sorts of stuff!

Since we have had the car back our finances have been tighter than ever with the price of gas and all that good stuff so we've been working on getting ourselves together and we're getting there, slowly!

We've been attending my step son's soccer games through the last few weeks which have been a TON of fun! His team 1st place and we have a thing to go to to see him get an award! Very proud of him and glad we were able to participate!

The kids are all well, Autumn is a chatty cathy and knows so much it is hard to keep up! The boys are great too!

My blog has been where a lot of my energy has been focused when i'm not on ebay or on TMP on the other sub-forum, so I am around, you just have to drop me a line or two to get my attention if I miss anything

We had our first holiday parade and Thanksgiving dinner of the season over the past weekend so it is officially crazy time!

I hope you're all on track to have an awesome time between now and Christmas!

Waving bye to the floats at the parade, with Pooh Bear, which my son managed to heckle from one of the floats! Good boy!!

Quick costume change and off to dinner!



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