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Incompetent cervix - Special Pregnancies

Old July 11th, 2011, 06:57 PM   #1

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Incompetent cervix

Hello everyone!

Well, I just found out that I'm pregnant again and everything is looking good so far. However, I'm really nervous about what to expect during this pregnancy. Since losing my triplets, my MFM is concerned that I might have an incompetent cervix. However, since it was a multiple pregnancy, he said they can't be sure since "sometimes those things just happen". I'm not to thrilled about that response.

Our plan for my next viable pregnancy was going to be a cerclage at 12 weeks if it was twins or more, otherwise close monitoring of my cervical length with ultrasound if it's a singleton. There is only one healthy baby in there, so I'm guessing that will mean that they won't do a cerclage right away, but that has me nervous. We played the "wait and see" game with the triplets and had frequent ultrasounds. Everything was looking great and the tech even jinxed me by saying I had a "cervix of steel". Then, one day out of nowhere, I had a ton of mucus discharge and pelvic pressure. I went to see my MFM and my cervix only measured 9mm. Unfortunately, I also started to contract so they couldn't do a cerclage unless they could stop the contractions. Their attempts were unsuccessful and I delivered just 48 hours later.

I don't think I can handle losing another pregnancy that way. What would you do in this situation?


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Old July 22nd, 2011, 05:07 PM   #2
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I think I would ask for the cerclage anyway given your history. Hope everything works out for you!


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Old July 29th, 2012, 10:29 AM   #3

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Ask your OB to talk to a perinatologist and see what they think. Explain you are concerned about not getting one and you already did the wait and see game.

FYI, I am on a similar boat. My cervix opened at 20 weeks last time. Thankfully the anatomy scan was that same day and an emergency cerclage allowed saved my daughter's life. Now the OB wants to wait and see with this one. I told her I was not okay with that and my perinatologist had told me to get a cerclage. She said that she would go with what he says since this is his specialty. So we will see what happens over the next few weeks. I really don't want to wait it out but I may have to fight for it.

At any rate, big hugs.

Edit: whoops just saw how old this was.....


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Old July 29th, 2012, 11:15 AM   #4

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Purpledragon, thanks for your reply. I ended up getting a second opinion from another MFM and had a Shirodkar cerclage placed at 12 weeks. It was successful and I now have a healthy 5 month old. Good luck with things. I definitely think a second opinion is worthwhile if you're not comfortable with the wait and see plan. I'm so glad that I did it.


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