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Time to get serious about weight loss - Women's Health, Fitness & Nutrition

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Time to get serious about weight loss

So I'm not pg, didn't just have a baby, no more excuses. I'm working out as much as I want to, saying I need to work out more isn't going to happen, so next thing to do...DUM DUM DUMMM.....diet! Such a pitiful word. I eat about 75-80% organic, I don't consistently fry my food but I'd be lying if I said I baked everything. I cook, not every night. Whatever is left over I freeze for the kids so on frozen dinner left-over night I tend to not eat as well for myself. And did I mention I have a chocolate addiction!

I feel if I could just eliminate sweets, I could probably lose weight but I also don't have the drive to do so, heck, I ate a donut this morning! (that's part of the 25% of non organic food I consume) I've been thinking about doing smoothies with protein powder and just freezing them for breakfast and for those frozen left-over dinner nights. Yet, I still don't have any in my freezer. Some of it is being lazy, some of it is about I live paycheck to paycheck so buying a bunch of produce to do this big batch of smoothies isn't really the most easy thing to budget, not to mention the cups. I think initially buying something like a Tervis straw cup would be expensive but in the long run, be cheaper than bulk disposable cups.

It's a long, drawn out story in which you might be wondering where I'm going with this, so here it is, looking for any advice, stories on similar situations with yourself or others, and any "I didn't do that but I did do this and found it helpful in eating healthier and losing weight" advice.


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