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My Dandy Christmas (with pics) - Pet Forum

Old December 31st, 2011, 11:40 AM   #1
Mama 2 Five

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Heart My Dandy Christmas (with pics)

I posted this in my PG but wanted to share it here also since it really belongs here, lol. I'm a volunteer and adoptive mom for a rescue about an hour away from us and because of that I'm on the facebook pages of both of the founders/director. Over a year ago Kim (one of the founders) posted a picture of a dog and I fell in love with him.

Dandy is a double dapple Dachsund (aka Doxie) about 7 years old. From what Kim (co-founder and also his foster mom) told me he was born that way. Apparently double dapples are very rare-you can only get a double dapple breeding two dapples together-and therefore breeders make a lot of money off of them but they have a very high rate of birth defects and deformities. Dandy is completely deaf and partially blind-he has one "good eye" and the other eye he can only see shadows from. He was used as a stud dog in a puppy mill (a puppy mill is a commercial breeding facility that mass produced puppies for resale) and dropped off on the side of the road in a box, like trash, with 20 something other doxies, picked up as a stray, and made his way from Alabama to New York to the rescue. It's a very sad spectacle of what humans will do to innocent, defenseless animals for money.

I have been "asking" for Dandy for almost that long, every holiday that came up including my birthday this year but Daddy was firm on a two dog maximum and with us starting our own business (read: me being out of the house a lot) in January and then conceiving Noah in February it's been a whirlwind of activity which would not have been fair to a new dog, especially Dandy. I ended up cutting my hours at our business drastically because of the kids-being there as much as I was just wasn't conducive to the attached parent I am, the attention the kids needsed, or the homemaker I needed to be to maintain our home- and my growing belly.

Noah was born in October as you all know but I never forgot about Dandy. Earlier in December my friend and I went to the rescue's doggie picture day with Santa to go see him at the Picture Day with Santa that the rescue put on. This was the first time I actually "met" Dandy, more than a year after I decided I wanted him.

When asking me what I wanted for Christmas Daddy prefaced it with "Besides Dandy..." Daddy seemed to be giving in little by little and eventually he OKed a visit. I talked with Kim and had arranged for a weekend visit to see how Dandy would do with the family and how the family would do with him because of his disabilities. I was trying to get him here for Christmas. I really wanted to give him a home for Christmas because of a picture she had posted last yearwith a caption that tugged at my heart stings so much I still remember that picture. This is the picture she posted 12/12/10 with this caption: "Dandy is sitting here staring at the Christmas tree, wishing that he could find a home of his own."

She told me he had a vet appointment on the 15th and then I got the feeling that she wanted her hubby to be home (he was out of town for business and not due back until the 23rd) to say goodbye before Dandy left.

She was suppose to call me in a few days to talk about scheduling a visit and never did. I tried contacting her to ask about Dandy and every time I did she would change the subject, a couple times she didn't call me back. I started to feel like she didn't think it was the right home for him and was just too nice to say it. It got to the point a day or two before Christmas that I told myself I had to accept that Dandy would not be coming and I needed to let it go. She knew Daddy had been hesitant so maybe that was why or maybe she felt 5 kids would overwhelm him, I didn't know. My heart sank a little and I felt like crying but I knew that if it wasn't the right home it wasn't the right home-he deserves to be in the RIGHT home and I respected the fact that she was doing what she felt was right for him.

Christmas morning we were opening gifts, Daddy told my oldest which present to give me first (clothing). Then he told her to hand me the "little" one that her and I both noticed jingled when we shook it (yes I'm a present shaker). I opened it and it was a little collar with a name tag that said "Dandy" with our information on it. I looked at him thinking that my Christmas present was his complete acceptance of getting Dandy and felt very sad because of the feeling I got recently from Kim. I looked at him, sad and confused, and he said "He'lllll be here tomorrow!" I didn't believe it at first but I started crying out of happiness and disbelief. He explained that the two of them had been in touch since right after I went to see him at the Picture Day with Santa and they had had this arranged for weeks. She had been withdrawing from me and blowing me off because as it got closer and closer to Christmas she wanted to tell me so bad and figured if she didn't talk to me about him she wouldn't spill the beans.

I had dreams about Dandy Christmas night and she brought him here the day after Christmas. She stayed a couple hours and let him get use to me, petted, etc.The day he arrived: Me with Dandy as Kim looks on from the couch.

We discussed his hand signals, where he came from, what probably happened to him during his time as a stud dog in a puppy mill, his disabilities, along with her weiner brigade and other dogs in her pack as well as the rescue. It made her feel comfortable when he got out of the dog bed Daddy gave me as a present that I put him in and instead of going to her he came to me. She said there was something about me because even at the doggie picture with Santa he sat with me for an hour which suprised her.

I think there's something about him, there's a warm, gentle soul in him. It makes me so mad and angry to think of the use and abuse that his genteel creature sustained in his "previous" life. I want more than anything to show him the kindness and gentleness he deserves and have him thrive. I want to see his tail wagging a mile a minute. It's been about four days since he arrived and I love him so much, I still can't believe he's here! Abby and Ace (my two beagles) have shown a mild curiousity toward him but let him be and he's the same with them. His first night, by his choice, he spent under "his" end table. Dandy under "his" table

I slept on the couch with my head nearest to him in case in needed to go out or he decided he wanted a warm body to cuddle up to. He slept in the "big bed" with us the last three nights. The first night he paced until I got on the bed then settled down across my pillow. He had to be up against me all night long, every time I'd move away from him trying to spread out he'd move over to be back against me. I was laying on my side the other morning, nursing Noah, and he propped his little head between my head and shoulder. That was adorable! When I got up he stayed in bed and laid back down next to my pillow. He started shaking a little bit when I brought him back into the living room, I didn't want him to get scared and try to jump off the bed himself.

I feel truly blessed to have him in our family.

Dandy the bone hoarder. These are just the things he took from us, there were others he passed on.

Everyone loves the Dandy Man, especially Béla Jr.!

Just a little bit ago he wagged his tail AND he came to me when I signaled "come"! I love, love, love that he finally wagged his tail

AND he's been walking around more inside, went over to the toy basket and picked out all the rawhide chewies and started chomping away.


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Old December 31st, 2011, 12:17 PM   #2

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Aww he is so cute! I love doxies we have a chihuhua dox mix and he's awesome with the kids ESP. I am glad you got him home with you guys


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Old December 31st, 2011, 06:03 PM   #3

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AWWW! What a great Christmas present! I love doxies too! I'm so glad that Dandy has found his forever home.


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Old January 3rd, 2012, 06:28 PM   #4

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Great story!!! Thank you for sharing. He is adorable and I espcially love the bone hoarding picture too cute!

We adopted a miniature schnauzer almost a year ago and she is the best dog ever. She is so loving and amazing with the kids. It makes me so angry to think someone could have abused such a sweet dog. She has a bad back leg because it was injured/broke and never corrected and the shelter said she had mange so bad they couldn't even tell she was a schnauzer till they shaved her. She was so scared of dh when we got her she peed every time she saw him....so sad!

Didn't mean to take over your post, just wanted to share


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Old January 4th, 2012, 09:30 PM   #5
I'm ME!

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Very lovely!


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Old April 21st, 2015, 05:13 PM   #6
Mama 2 Five

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I felt the need to come in here, hunt down this thread, and post that we made the decision to put Dandy to sleep this morning.

When I got home, about 6 last, my oldest told me that he hadn't moved from where he had been after she walked him about 3ish. I picked him up and he was very wobbly. He couldn't walk straight and just wasn't himself. He also had a small amount of bile on his paw and the blanket where he was laying. I had already decided to take him to vet first thing in the morning. I tried a couple things his rescue mom/foster mom told me to do then took him to bed with me. He threw up a few more times from last night to this morning but the wobbling didn't improve or get worse.

We (my boyfriend and I) took him in at 9:45 this morning and about an hour later he was sleeping. The vet gave him physical exam and took blood work. He was anemic and jaundice. She also suspected due to the wobbliness he had something wrong with his brain. She suspects something like cancer or stroke and his prognosis was not good in the condition he was presenting, even if we would have chose to give him a blood transfusion, ultrasounds, and other tests and possible treatments to try to find out what was wrong.

I had peace with the decision to let him go before he got very bad off and was in pain but I still really miss him. I'm glad we spent last night together instead of him being away from me going through tests and treatments and then dying without us. My boyfriend held him while I rubbed his head and hugged him and we buried him together at our home. I got a couple perennials to go over his grave when the weather is warmer.


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Old April 22nd, 2015, 03:25 AM   #7

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I'm so sorry, Jamie.


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Old April 28th, 2015, 11:12 AM   #8
Megan's Ark
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Dreams Come True

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I'm so sorry Jamie. . .I know how hard that choice was to make. I still miss every one of my babies I have had to let go of. Glad you had that last night together.


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(with, christmas, dandy, pics)
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