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Breastfeeding Dilemma - Breastfeeding Problems - Help and Support

Old February 21st, 2013, 10:55 PM   #1
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Sad Breastfeeding Dilemma

I'm tend to keep to my own DDC but I need some suggestions so here it is. Those of you that have been stalking the Feb DDC know a lil about our issues with Shayla. For those of you that don't know, she was born on the 13th and she had and still has a bad case of jaundice. She was under the lights and on the bili blanket at the same time until she was 4 days old and then sent home with a bili blanket but now she won't eat. I mean, she eats, obviously, but I can only get her to wake up every 4-4.5hrs and I'm lucky if I can get her to nurse for more than 15-20 on one side before she's asleep again (sometimes not even that long) and once she's asleep, she's gone. I'm not sure what to do to make her wake up and eat. I wasn't able to bf my 2nd at all due to thyroid issues that kept him from keeping anything down until he was 8wks old and they finally figured out what was wrong with him and with my 1st, I only produced milk to feed her for about a mth before my milk supply couldn't keep up with her appetite. I'm trying to avoid giving her a bottle since I am able to nurse this time. I've tried changing her first, giving her a bath, nursing her naked, and with the overhead lights on. I'm out of ideas. She was 8lbs 15.9oz at birth and when she had her weight checked Mon and Tues she was down to 8lbs even. When I weighed her on my scale this morning, if it was right, she's between 7.5 and 8lbs now. My milk supply is fine and I thought that it was just that it was too much effort for her to get the colostrum cuz once my milk came in she was awake every 2-3hrs and nursing for about 30min on both sides but that only lasted about a day. One of the girls on FB suggested a cool washcloth. That is not something I've tried yet. I talked to her dr about it Mon and she was absolutely no help. Just to see what she'd say, I told her I was willing to give her breast milk in a bottle if that's what it took and she agreed with me. I'm not willing to do that if I don't have to and I'm a lil irritated that her dr was so eager to make that a solution. I have tried moving her arms and legs, moving her completely, playing with/tickling her feet, she's all her daddy and sleeps thru all of that. Don't get me wrong. After Logan (my 2nd), who didn't sleep till he was almost 2, I'm thrilled she's a sleeper, but I need her to eat. Her wet diapers seem to be fine. Her dr said after we took her off the bili blanket on Tues she should start to gain weight again since the blanket can make her body temp rise and her metabolism work harder and burn more calories but after i weighed her this morning and she was under 8lbs I'm starting to worry. I should have never weighed her and I wouldn't have if the nurse hadn't suggested it when she called this morning. I was fine till I did that. Sorry so long girls, I just don't know what to do right now.


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Old February 21st, 2013, 11:53 PM   #2
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LOL. Thought I was replying to this one but replied to your DDC one. You might want to post this in the main part of the BFing forum for a higher view-count. Sometimes things in here get missed


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Old February 22nd, 2013, 12:16 AM   #3

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My DD was very sleepy and also jaundiced (though we rode out the jaundice without lights or the blanket)

Jaundice babies tend to be sleepier over all for a longer period of time. I had to wake DD for almost every feed for the first 6 weeks.

First, watch her sleep...when she's making faces, grunting, twitching, etc she'll be easier to wake than if she's sound asleep.

I did have to give bottles (I had supply issues, though) but for DD nursing in the beginning was also too much work (however she was early so that was part of it) my LC told me that some babies work too hard to nurse and burn too many calories when they're tiny. I'd suggest seeing a LC to have her nursing assessed, her suck, tongue etc. its possible she is filling up enough to go for 4 hours, but working too hard to get that much milk.

There are other ways to supplement with pumped milk if you need to, too. You can finger feed with a tube, or use a special needs feeder. An LC can help with that too, if it comes to that.

Do you baby wear? You can wear her skin to skin while she sleeps and if she stirs at all, or goes between light and deep sleep you might be able to guide her to the nipple and feed her while she sleeps.

I found it helpful to undress DD down to her diaper, unswaddle her and lay her on the floor on just a blanket for a few minutes. This almost always somewhat roused her and made her easier to wake up to eat. A fan pointed on us helped, too. Make sure she's not too warm or too cold, too.

Babies have a suck reflex in the early weeks...try poking a clean pinky into her mouth and angling it towards the roof of her mouth, she should start sucking. Once she's been sucking for a minute or two you can try pulling out your pinky and encouraging her to latch on to the breast instead.


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Old February 25th, 2013, 04:39 PM   #4

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This is hidden away if you post in the main part of the breastfeeding forum, more people will see it. I don't even know why this sub forum stays open...

It's been about a week, how is everything going?


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breastfeeding, dilemma
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