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Milk Supply Issue - Breastfeeding Problems - Help and Support

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hey hope you have heard back from them but thought I would just respond anyway. As you have done before and as you have stated it is possible to feed from one breast, the preferred side issue can be from mother or baby for example baby feels where you are comfortable and if you are confident with one side they prefer this, otherwise it can be as simple as the position they laid in the womb as to their preferred position.

As you have also said by pumping this is in no way an indication of your supply. Our bodies become proficient and in lactation and breasts dont feel as full as they would with our first babies so we are tricked lol into thinking we may not have enough supply.

I would be interested in knowing about the pain you suffered there may be something else going on....did anyone ask about the colour of your nipples with the pain? I know funny question but have you heard of Raynauds Phenomenon? might be worth checking out for the next baby if the pain continues.

I wish you all the best for your baby enjoy, I have four babies all boys love them to pieces.


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