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Pinched while nursing - Breastfeeding Problems - Help and Support

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Pinched while nursing

Is anyone else's lil one pinching your breast while nursing? No matter what I try while my daughter (7 1/2 months) is nursing she pinches me. She will push my shirt to get to my skin. I can't swaddle her because she despises it. I'm at a loss on how to get her to stop-it causes a lot of pain!


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Welcome to TMP, this part of the forum is often overlooked, you should post in the regular part of the breastfeeding forum to get more answers.

But yes, it's normal. Some kids do it more than others, the best thing is to find something to distract those hands while nursing, like another toy or a nursing necklace (something you would be comfortable with a baby chewing). There are a lot on etsy or you can make something yourself. Use a leather or fabric rope rather than a chain.



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