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PCOS and low progesterone levels - Special Pregnancies

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Oh PCOS and low progesterone levels

I found out on Feb 9th that I was pregnant and had an appt on Feb 10th. They figured I was 6wks which would be 8wks today. I havent had an ultrasound yet, theyre waiting for my levels to get to 20,000. I am taking synthroid and 2000 mg of metformin because I have PCOS. After my first big panel of blood work came back I started taking crinone every day at bed time cause my progesterone was low. They want to see it at 20.Heres the question... Has anyones progesterone level started out low then rised and then fell again?

On Jan 17 I went for a day 21 test and my progesterone was 1.3. I didnt know I was pregnant yet.

Feb 10 HCG was 33.5 and progesterone was 12.4 they started me on the crinone gel.
Feb 13 HCG 169 progesterone 19
Feb 16 HCG 570.34 progesterone 19.4
Feb 19 HCG 1674.8 progesterone 17.8

I dont know why it dropped since Im on progesterone gel!!! It makes me nervous! My dr didnt seem to be too worried about it since Im on the gel and its getting to my uterus where it needs to be but I thought the number should rise not fall!!! I go back to check my levels on Feb 25th and Im so nervous!


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