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Update and a reflux question *cross posted* - Oh Baby! (birth to age one)

Old August 30th, 2009, 01:46 PM   #1

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Update and a reflux question *cross posted*

So a little bit of progress last night. He consistently stayed asleep when I put him down instead of waking up immediately which is a good thing. He woke up every 2 hours to eat until 5:30 and then he stayed up, (DH got up with him and gave him a bottle at 7:30 so I could sleep until 9 ) Definitely some better but still pretty tortorous on Mommy.

I am still clinging to just putting him down in his bassinet instead of the bouncy seat or swing. I'm so afraid he'll get "spoiled" to that and I will have to deal with breaking him from it after I go back to work. I really want to try to deal with the difficult sleeping stuff now so that he's doing a lot better once I go back to work in four weeks. But it's making it really tough on me now!

Should I just break down and put him in his bouncer or swing and see if he'll sleep more until I get him checked for reflux or should I keep trying to get him to sleep in the bassinet even though I'm exhausted?

Moms of reflux babies: How did you know your LO had reflux?


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Old September 1st, 2009, 08:08 PM   #2

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I don't think putting him in the seat or swing will necessarily spoil him. If he's more comfortable in there and sleeps better, I'd say to definitely let him be there. As a mommy of a reflux baby, I know that sometimes you have to break the "rules" in order to have a happy baby. Don't worry about breaking habits down the road. Once he's older and his reflux (if he has it) is better managed, you might not even have to break the habits. Shoot, Aiden slept in his car seat and in bed with me until he was 3 months, and then he willingly slept in his crib and has ever since.

We knew Aiden had reflux because of the massive projectile vomit, arching his back and screaming, and he would often burp up formula and make a horrid face. We could tell the poor guy was in pain. When I was nursing, I cut out all soy and dairy from my diet to try and alleviate some of the burn. We eventually switched to a hypo-allergenic formula, though.

Talk to your pediatrician and see what he/she recommends. We tried Zantac for a month or so, but it eventually stopped being therapeutic for Aiden. Once we switched to compounded Prevacid he was a whole new baby!

Good luck to you! The first few months are hard, especially if you think your LO has reflux.


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