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*** July Check In *** - April 2014 Play Group

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Old July 17th, 2014, 04:13 PM   #9

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How is everything going?
Good, busy, finally feel like I have a good routine down with the girls.

What size of clothing is baby wearing?
She's in 3-6 months but fits better in 6's

What size of diaper?
Size 2 but she's just about ready for 3's

Any new milestones?
She discovered her hands and they're always in her mouth and she squeezes my boob when she nurses. She's constantly talking and smiling! Melts my heart <3

How is baby sleeping?
She sleeps 10-3:30 in her bassinet then 4-8 in bed with me. I try to put her back down in her bassinet but she cries so much when I do. It's just easier to keep her in bed. Then random naps during the day. Never at the same time and never in the same place. She's really unpredictable.

How is mommy adjusting?
I'm alive! Lol Valentina is impossible to take shopping lately. She screams from the second we get to the store until we leave. So I feel like I'm in supermarket sweep (if anyone remembers that show lol)


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