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My story - Trying to Conceive After 30

Old February 21st, 2014, 07:56 AM   #1


Biggrin My story

Hi, everybody.Want to tell my story. I was the only child in my family, no brothers and sisters...and I always envy those children who had brothers and sisters, it is soooo cool to have someone close to you with whom you can share secrets, caper, cover each other over. And since my childhood I decided that I'll have two children, for sure. I grew up, got married (it was the happiest day ever, I've found my one and only person with whom wanted to live all my life and this desire was mutual). We both, I and my husband Nick, have good high-paid jobs, we bought new big house and decided that it is time to become parent. We tried but there were no results...we tried again and again but everything was in vain. I've read a lot of inf. trying to clarify the reason, but couldn't find because there were so many different sayings about it. One said that it is normal and in future it will be ok, other said that it is necessary to go to the doctor for examnation. First variant was more positive and sometimes calmed me down, I told myself "Hey, don't worry, everything will be ok, you've read about this", but finally we with Nick decided to go to the clinic. We both passed analysis...with Nick it was ok but with me no...I don't want to go in medical details but the main point is that Iím not able to be pregnant. It was awful news which broke my world and my dream from childhood. I was afraid that my husband will leave me because I understand that he need continuation of the family, he is men. But thanks God he even didn't think about it, he supported me all the time, I felt guilty for my disability to have a child and it threw me down to depression. We started treatment, changed a lot of clinics, doctors, medicines, procedures...nothing. It seemed like an end...than we decided to go to extreme measure and use donated egg. It wasn't so hard as we thought before and seemes like not extreme measure now))) we did all necessary procedures and.....oh, miracle I became pregnant!!!!!)))) I was crying....Nick was criying...we were so happy as never before...in 9 months our twins came into this world. I can't find appropriate words to describe these feelings when 9 months you are carrying these babbies and than you see them...so cute, so little and defenseless, how they try to tight your finger with their tiny hands, thier toothless smiles ...it is amazing feeling. I've wrote all this to share with you, with those who are searching...for those who are despairingly, for those who need support and advice.


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Old February 25th, 2014, 08:53 AM   #2


I'm glad for you and your family! It is great that you succeed! Best wishes for you!


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Old February 27th, 2014, 05:00 AM   #3


Heart Bren

Thank you very much. Wish all women to be happy and lucky to have own children. Pray for all of those who are searching for the way out now.


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