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6.5mo appt today - Oh Baby! (birth to age one)

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6.5mo appt today

Well here's the rundown-

27.5" tall (85th%), 18lb9oz (75th%), 17"head (40th%)

Sleep issues- It's probably teeth but could also be reflux. His front teeth are close to coming through and it could be 4 not just 2. There's also a chance his molars may be coming early.
Plan of action- Motrin once a day at bedtime, Zantac with last bottle. Start watering down over night mini feeds (he won't go back to sleep without 1.5-2oz). If we start replacing BM with water maybe he won't think it's worth it to wake (I hope)

Feeding- got some similac sensitive samples to try for supplementing. Although if I start making his meals without BM and he doesn't wake to have any overnight I might not even need to supplement daily. Or I could supplement to build a little stash back up. We'll see...
He says go to stage 2 foods but I make his foods so I'll just make them lumpier.
He wasn't concerned that he won't take more than 3 oz per bottle. I think that's due to the reflux.
Also he gave us a script for a vitamin for the baby.

Flat head- he was not concerned at all. It's good he's rolling around and sleeping some on his sides. He may always have some kind of flat spot in the back but nothing a little hair won't cover, plus he's still growing.

So there you have it. We'll see what happens.


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