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Behavior Issues - TMP's Special Kids

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Behavior Issues

My 4 year-old is displaying some behavior issues lately at his preschool (being defiant, screaming during nap time, throwing toys at friends, kicking and hitting). I will admit that he hasn't been an angel at home, but these behaviors are much worse than what we have seen and seem to be getting worse.

He has always had developmental delays (diagnosed with ASD) but has generally been a pretty affectionate and well mannered kid. Lately he has been acting like a brat.

I am not sure how to discipline him in a way that is effective and appropriate for his level of understanding. I have taken away toys....this doesn't seem to be working. We are doing some therapy at a local autism center. I am planning to ask them for some resources but also thought I would post here...to at a minimum vent.


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