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Sorting it all out . . . TMI triggers and long - Trying to Conceive After Loss

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Old July 21st, 2014, 05:09 PM   #9

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So sorry for your loss :-( . Loosing a baby is the hardest thing ive ever gone through and the support here is just amazing to have people to talk to that have also lost something they loved so much.
I lost my perfectly healthy baby at 14 weeks 5days from incompent cervix. No warning signs what so ever my cervix just opened up. That helpless feeling of knowing there was nothing you could do is the worst. I lost my baby this past may and everyone told me time would help the hurt. I can tell you it does get easier day by day. But that baby you will always think about. You will always wonder what if....
But know that baby will always be watching over you<3 .


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long, sorting, triggers
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