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Hi and bye! - Waiting to Try to Conceive

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Hi and bye!

Some of you WTTC warriors might remember me - my name is Jenn and I've been in and out of this WTTC thread for YEARS. I joined back in 2008 and was extremely active until life happened. I can't believe 7 years flew by that fast.. but I was waiting for that whole time. My boyfriend Mike and I have always been in the talks of wanting to try to concieve. I will admit whenever I wasn't posting on here I was lurking.. once you join this family of TMP it's hard to leave. But I just kind of wanted to reintroduce myself to some the WTTC gals that are new in here, and then some of them who may remember me. But it's time to venture on to a new journey. Mike and I finally thought it through, and we have been actively trying for 3 days now. Wish us luck, and I'll see you wonderful ladies over there soon, hopefully! Thanks for the years of good laughs, memories, friends and advice. You ladies rock. <3


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