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Connor's birth story! - Birth Stories

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Heart Connor's birth story!

My Birth story
May 30th would've made me 40 weeks pregnant and it was my orginal due date. But suddenly that all changed on May 19th. I had recently been struggling with high blood pressure with an unknown cause. It haden't begun until the last month of my pregnancy. It was May 1st when at my weekly prenatal checkup the nurses and doctor noticed my blood pressure seemed unusually high. They just kept an eye on it for the next few weeks to be sure it was nothing major. For the next 2 weeks it remained consistently high. After tons of blood work and urine tests to diagnose me the doctors found nothing. There was no explanation for my sudden high blood pressure, no reason it was consistently high and not really as cause for concern. That is until one day I called into my doctor about an unbelievably painful headache that haden't gone away for 3 days straight even with tylenol. Of course they wanted to see me. After I had been seen by my doctor on May 19th she wanted me to go to labor and delivery to be monitored. After being monitored the doctors decided I had developed pregnancy induced hypertension and that the only way to get my blood pressure back to where it belonged was to deliver my baby. They wanted to do an ultrasound to check on the fluids around the baby. If the fluids were looking good I would be added to the hospitals induction list for the following Tuesday. But, if the fluids were low or scarce I would've been induced that night. On a side night, I had only had one ultrasound my entire pregnancy and it was back in January. It was now May so the thought of getting to see my little baby finally again was exciting. When he appeared on the screen me and my boyfriend's face lit up with excitement it was like waking up on Christmas morning. When she reassured us that everything looked great including the fluids surrounding him I never felt so relieved. From that moment on it was official that I was going to be induced on Tuesday May 20th. I was given precise instructions to follow over the weekend and things to watch out for and when to call if there was concern. But, Monday I was to have a follow up with my OB to check my blood pressure and make sure it haden't risen to a dangerous level over the weekend. Of course I knew it wasn't going to be normal and I knew it wasn't going to be low. When I went in for my checkup I had my blood pressure check 4 times by the nurses and doctor on call, they checked it in both arms and it was way high. I knew at this point I wasn't going home and I knew at this point my baby would be here anyday even any hour. After being admitted to the hospital a few hours later things started to become so much more real. The doctor on call checked my cervix before beginning my induction to see what my progress was beforehand. I was only 1cm dilated and 50% effaced at the time but I was also contracting on my own without really knowing cause I didn't feel them. It was then she decided they were going to start me on pitocen. I was given 1-2mm every half an hour to get my labor moving. The doctor came back to check me about an hour later and this time I was still only 1cm dilated but I was 75% effaced and starting to feel my contractions now. But I still was my happy jolly old self and not really in any pain. Another hour and half later it was in between the shift switch for the doctors the next doctor on call came to see me after I called my nurse to see if my doctor could come check me cause I was in pain. She checked my cervix and I was now 2cm's dilated and 95% effaced. I was definitely progressing more and was really feeling my contractions. It was at this point I needed some kind of pain reliever something to help me sleep a little. I wasn't yet allowed to have the epidural because I was still only 2cm and she wanted me to dilate a little more before having it. The doctor offered me pain medicine I could recieve through my iv which I definitely wanted. I was given this pain medicine after she broke my waters. Her breaking my waters was like being hit by a bus that took off from the scene to me. Its hard for me to explain the feeling to anyone except that it was so uncomfortable and I broke down crying in pain. It was not to long maybe a couple minutes when the nurse brought me the pain medicine and began injecting it into the iv, it was minutes later I was out cold. I was able to nap for a few hours but I remember every bit of it. I remember just hearing voices and seeing blurry shapes. I couldn't make out anything or anyone and I was in and out of this "sleep" for a little while. When I finally did wake up I felt strange. You know the feeling when something is just different and you can't point your finger on it? That was me I called for my boyfriend and I remember telling him how much pain I was in I was slurring cause I was half out of it but in agony. I asked him to get my mom and then I asked them to get the nurse. I told them how much it hurt and that I needed to use the bathroom NOW. Of course they tried to help me until I gave up. I said nevermind I can't, I can't get up it hurts to much. I also felt like I needed to right at that moment. So as they helped me get settled back into my bed I remember saying can someone PLEASE GET THE DOCTOR. I wanted to see her at that moment I needed to see her. So while my boyfriend and mom stayed at my bedside to try and keep me as calm as you can be in that moment the nurse went to page the doctor. The doctor wasn't even in the hospital. She was five minutes away on her break. But they reached her and she was on her way back quicker than you can turn around. She finally arrived after which felt like the longest five minutes of my life. I can't say I had ever wanted to see a doctor so bad. Everyone started telling her what was wrong cause my words obviously weren't making sense but then she asked me and I said I feel like I need to go to the bathroom but I can't really move, "it feels like I need to push." She wanted to check me which is what I wanted anyone. Little to know all she did was lift my gown and I heard the words IT'S TIME come out of her mouth. Then she kept telling me how great of a job I did that I dilated to 10cm's in just a few hours. Everyone rushed around to get the tools/equipment ready in the room to deliver a baby. I can remember just wanting this to end. I was in so much pain I felt like I couldn't breathe and I just needed to push. Finally a few minutes later the time had come. It's funny how even though you've may have never done this in your life before you know what you have to do, you know what you need to do. After the nurse on my right explained to me what I needed to do I did and it was like a dream come true after only 4 pushes to the count of 8 I heard the most amazing thing. My little boy was finally here. Connor Anthony was born on May 20th at 1:47am. He weighed only 6lbs 12oz and 19 1/2in long. He was a tiny boy but he was perfectly healthy scoring a 9/10 on the apgar scale. From this moment on I was in love all over again. I had in front of me what every girl dreams of. I had the one person who I would love forever and he would love me back without question. It wasn't over yet though although I was completely in awe with little boy I wasn't done. It was the part I dreaded the most. Especially since I haden't been able to have the epidural. I did have a natural third degree tear during the birth on my boy. It required I have 12 stitches. The one thing i honestly wanted the epidural for because you're told you won't feel it or as much then I had to get through without. For me, it was the most painful part of my entire labor. But, I knew when it was over I would get to hold my little boy and i'd never have to let him go. After 6 hours of labor, no epidural, 12 stitches and a long day I wouldn't even want it to be any different. This is the one day of my life i'll never forget. It was the day I met the love of my life!


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family complete :)

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