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Braydon's Birth Story! - Birth Stories

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Braydon's Birth Story!

My last 2 visits at the dr I was dialated 1 cm...ugh!

My mom and I had kinda procrastinated on getting the baby's room complete. Sunday the 28th of June we busted butt and worked on it ALL day - and got it done.

Later that night I had went to Kroger to get a few things. I didn't feel good while I was there. Pop was on sale so I loaded 5 12 packs into the cart and then into the truck. Milk was on sale so I racked up on it too
I stopped by my Mom's to drop off some of the milk. While there I told her that i wasn't feeling well. She was leaving the next morning on a business trip...she told me to tell Braydon that if he was coming that he either had to come that night or wait till she got home. It's her 1st biological grand baby so she couldn't miss it for the world.

After going home I started having what i thought was braxton hicks, not realizing that i was in labor. This was about Midnight. I got up about 4 to pee and after I stopped peeing...i was still peeing. I told Josh that thought that my water had broke but wasn't sure.

I gotta go get the trusty what to expect while your expecting book and start reading on membrane rupture. Laying in bed - found the page number in the index. I didn't even make it to the page and me, my clothes and my entire side of the bed was soaked.

I'm gonna take a shower and finish getting my bag together for the hosp...josh is freaking out...Y in the world are you taking a shower? your water has broke we gotta go - we gotta go! I was completely calm because i was in no pain at all, not having a clue of the pain to come.

My mom met us at the hosp...I was 1, yes 1 cm. but my water had def broke. Things started picking up pretty quickly. They started me on potocin because I was only at 1. Within 20 min my contractions were 2-3 min apart. I got the iv med 1st cause i thought i could be tough and make it a while without an epi. Boy was i wrong the iv meds didn't help me at all. Just barely relaxed me between cont.

Less than an hour later I was in so much pain, my mom told the nurse to go ahead and order the epidural.

Getting the epidural was the most painful part of my labor. The pressure from leaning forward and the baby desending at the same time along with contractions...OMG!

Within minutes of getting it i was out like a light for about 3 hours. I could feel absolutely nothing. After my wonderful nap I even did my make-up so i could feel a little better about myself. everyone thought that was just the funniest thing ever.

After my 3 hour nap i was 3 cm...ugh. It's now 3 pm - the baby's heart rate dropped to about 60 bpm the nurse came rushing in. turning me from side to side to get him going...at this point josh had ran home to grab a few things. I had my mom call him to let him know that he was to get back and not to leave again.

Now it's 3:30 pm and I am 6-7 cm ! WOW!

Between 4 and 6 everyone decided to come visit and see how the delivery was coming along. My epidural was getting low and I was begining to feel alot more pain. I asked everyone to leave the room except for Josh and my mom.

The nurse came in about 6 pm and said are you still feeling pressure with each cont? I said no I feel pressure all the time, just worse with each one. When she checked me she said - oh it's because i can see your baby's head. We gotta get this going or he's gonna push his self out.

I had my mom go to the waiting room to let everyone know that it was that time and baby was almost here. I had also asked that she had my Nana come back into the room. I thought I was only allowed 2 people in the delivery room. But I was pleased to find out that she could also be there to witness the birth of my son.

The Dr. came in and 3 pushes later I had a beautiful healthy baby boy!!!

I know it sounds like i just got tired of typing and ended abruptly, but that's really how it happened. It all happened soo fast.

6 lbs. 15 oz. and 18 1/2 inches long. Bradyon Allen Rice

So from the time my water broke it was 14 1/2 hours, but i had been in labor for about 7 hours before then and didn't realize...so total 21 1/2 hours.
I don't think i would have changed anything...

And the thing that i remember the most is seeing him and hearing him cry for the 1st time. I am so thankful that the 3 most important people in my life were able to be in the delivery room with me. (Proud Daddy, Proud Grandma Di and Proud Nana) From that point on my life has been amazing and gets better every time i look at my son. I absolutely love being a mother and hope that I can be as good as mine. I also remember watching Josh carry him over to me for the 1st time with the biggest smile on his face. Such a proud Daddy!


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Such a great story!! Glad he's here & healthy!


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