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Oscar's amazing birthday (crosspost from DDC) - Birth Stories

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Oscar's amazing birthday (crosspost from DDC)

Here is Oscar's nice birth story:

First the background. I have two previous children, both born in hospitals with epidurals. My second was in posterior position and was a pitocin, epidural, forceps nightmare birth. I didn't want to go down that road again so I got a midwife this time and planned on a nice waterbirth at the local birth center.

Six days before he was born I had regular, strong contractions and went to the birth center thinking it was time. I was dilated to 4cm, was 75% effaced and soft, but the contractions eased off and I didn't have any change after being there for an hour so I went home. I continued to contract for a few more hours and then everything stopped. For the next 6 days I had lots of contractions but no established pattern or real progress. I went to my appointment at 4 days overdue and she swept my membranes very well (she literally tickled the baby's ear!). That night I had some good contractions but again, no pattern. I went to bed thinking I'd be a few more days.

I woke up at 3:30am with a contraction, but went back to sleep. I had a few more over the next little while but they were very far apart. At around 5 they picked up in speed and intensity very quickly. I went from barely having to breath through them to MOANING loudly. We got up and paged the midwife. When I was on the phone with her, they were very intense but only 15 to 30 seconds. She advised waiting till they were lasting longer and calling back. I got on Contraction Master and started timing. By 5:20am they were every 2.5 min and a minute long. They were getting insanely intense and I was moaning loudly. My husband paged the midwife back and talked to her. She heard me in the background and said to leave "NOW", we left the house at 5:45am.

It was snowing pretty badly on the way. We had to go fairly slowly and the ride in the car really sucked. About halfway there, I started feeling pressure and pushing urges.

We got to the birth centre at 6:10am, before the midwife, and I stood behind the minivan under the back hatch out of the snow contracting and howling. I guess it was more of a low mooing sound really, but it was loud. The midwife arrived and said that, after the next contraction ended, we were going to walk VERY QUICKLY into the building. I think she recognised the tone of mooing/groaning and knew that we were going pretty fast. Halfway to the door, another contraction....and I nearly ripped my poor husband's arm off by hanging all my weight off of it. Poor guy!

We got in and up to the room very quickly. My midwife was running around getting things ready. I remember wondering why she wasn't helping me with contractions and doing that stuff in between....but she knew something that I didn't. I felt kind of desperate and begged my husband to touch me and rub my back. He was right there doing it and was wonderful. I realize now that the desperation was transition. She got me on the bed between contractions and checked me. I was 8cm and she said he was still quite high. I assumed this meant that I had hours left of this and I resigned myself to getting through a lot more of these wicked contractions. I knelt beside the tub again longing to get in, but we were still waiting for a second midwife at that point and my midwife said I couldn't get in until she got there. When the next contraction started, I wondered how much worse it was going to get. I figured it would get much worse and last much longer and wondered how people do this!! The midwife was pressing my back and my husband was rubbing higher on my back. I was so happy to have them touching me. And I thought I might be able to do it after all.

THEN...at the end of that contraction I realized that I was pushing. I told the midwife that I couldn't help it and she said to do whatever my body told me to. Suddenly I felt something coming out! At first it felt like a head and it freaked me out a bit. It was a bulge of water and it EXPLODED. The second midwife walked in right around then I think. The next contraction came right away and I realized that I was pushing HARD. It felt much better to push than it had to just have a contraction with nothing to do about it. I couldn't have stopped pushing no matter what. He started to come way down and I said I needed to get in the tub NOW!!

They helped me in and it felt better as soon as I hit the water...then another contraction came and I was pushing again...and I could feel the head coming down even further. Suddenly the midwife was INSISTING that I change position to side/back laying because I was up on my hands and knees but the tub wasn't deep enough for that position to be safe. They helped me roll over and I was laying on my side, with my husband behind me kneeling beside the tub holding my leg, and my midwife in front of me watching the head and giving support for my perinium to prevent tearing. From way inside my head I could hear this horrendous mooing, howling sound that sounded exactly as I would expect a trapped, pained moose to sound....and I was shocked! Was that REALLY ME???

I was pushing hard and they told me the head was coming out and to give little pushes. The head came out with a stretching feeling but no ring of fire at all. I felt some serious relief when the head was out and my midwife told me to push when I was ready to get the shoulders out. I pushed almost right away and he came out . I think I pushed 5 pushes total in the tub before he was out.

I opened my eyes and saw them pull him out of the water. I rolled on my back and they handed him up to me. His head was slightly purple but his body was perfectly pink. I looked at his cute pudgy face and he was gorgeous. Then I saw the he didn't have a neck...I wondered if there was something wrong with him! Then I realized...he was just really fat! I couldn't see his neck for the chins and fat rolls!!

We hung out in the tub for a bit waiting for the placenta. It came out nicely and I had very little bleeding. After that I handed Oscar off to his dad and the midwives helped me out of the tub. I walked to the bed with very little assistance and I felt like I could run a marathon. I was SERIOUSLY HIGH on some kind of hormone cocktail that was just plain crazy. They checked me for tearing and I had NONE! Not even a scrape!

We hung out for a while, cuddling and taking pictures and the postpartum doula came to get my breakfast order. She brought me Vervain tea for the after pains and then an awsome egg sandwich and a coffee (and the same for my husband). I fed Oscar while I was eating and he was like an old pro...no problem latching.

The midwife came back in a while later to help me go to the bathroom and to do a physical check of Oscar...and weigh him. My husband and the midwife took him to the scale and I couldn't see the number. They said 10 pounds and were laughing...I thought they were kidding!! BUT...he was really 10 pounds 2 ounces!!!!!

We left the birth center about 3 and a half hours after his birth and were home by the 4 hour mark. I hung out for a few hours with all three of my boys...and chatting on the phone. I took a nice nap in the afternoon and ate a ton of pizza for supper. One of the best days EVER.

As far as a comparison with my first two births and my expectations...it was better than I could have dreamed. Definately empowering...definately WAY BETTER than the epidural births that I had. I never felt this good the other times...and this baby was bigger than my first two! I wouldn't change a thing...and I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and do it with the first two!

His statistics:

Name: Oscar Magnus

Born February 23rd, 2010 at 7:00am EST

Gestational age: 40weeks 5 days

Weight: 10 pounds 2 ounces (4630g)

Head circumference: 14.57inches (37cm)

Length: 20.47inches (52cm)

Apgar score: 9-10-10


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that is exactly how I felt after my drug free birth the last time. Its like some sort of woman super power. I am glad you got through it Congrats on your big little man!!


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What a great story . . . .

And I remember those pushing urges. It is so hard to explain, but you HAVE to push!!!


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Loves me some Camryn!

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I'm really glad to hear that it went so well. Thank you for sharing your story with us too.


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I'm ME!

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Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.


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way to go!! congrats!!


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Good for you Mama!!! HOw amazing.

I am planning a water birth after a hospita/epi birth with Isabella. I'm very excited and your story gives me hope that I can do this!!!!


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