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Brody's birth story (natural, hospital birth, transfer) - Birth Stories

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Love my baby boy!

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Brody's birth story (natural, hospital birth, transfer)

I don't think I posted this over here....

On Wednesday July 7, I woke up at 4am with bloody show. At 7:30am, I had more bloody show. I'm not sure at what time the pressure waves began, but I busied myself with chatting on the computer with a friend and then later calling my sister. It was a super hot day and we have ac only in our bedroom, upstairs. The only problem with that is that my back was getting progressively sore and I needed a lot of food and drink which meant I had to go up and down the stairs a lot. I finally called my mom because I knew she had something in the evening, but I wanted to know what it was (to see if she could skip it and come help or if it was too important.) Turns out, it was just a free health seminar that she and my dad go to all the time. So she came down. And better yet, my dad went to the seminar which means the problem of my dad keeping occupied was solved! It was funny because Mom and I had planned to discuss that with my dad the next day. DH came home from work and I still wasn't really far along, just lots of cramping. Mom spent the night. I spent the night listening to my hypnobabies tracks and I am pleased to say that I made it through the whole night without bothering Mom or dh. At 1:30am, I lost my mucous plug. In the morning, I sent dh off to work again (I just don't like to cry "wolf", you know???) Weeelll, when he finally arrived at work, I had to call him and tell him.... we are on our way to the hospital. I'm sorry!!!! My mom called him actually and he was soooo cute. My mom said he was like, "I'm out the door!" So sweet So mom and I headed to the hospital. She was great. She was fixing us food before we left and she was sooo patient. She would go to the kitchen and I'd be like, "wave! I need you!" Then she would come running. Then she would run back to the kitchen. It took us forever bc of that We finally managed to get ourselves out the door. Mom was great with her calm coaching. She really spoke up for me with the nurses and doctors. Things were going along really well and I was laughing and chatting with everyone. At some point, dh arrived from work. I was doing really well, cracking jokes and just having a (mostly) good time. Then we hit "transition." Not so fun. They were monitoring me pretty much constantly (I had asked for limited fetal monitoring). I had to ask literally five times if I could use the birthing tub. FINALLY they actually did something about it and let me use it, instead of just talking about the "new tub" but beating around the bush to let me USE it I was in it for about 20 minutes before.... they had to monitor me again That was the end of that. Then I was cold and wet. But apparently I had a temperature (she even said it was a "low temp", and "borderline") Ahhh but anything to get an iv in me. On went the iv. Things started to get more difficult and intense. The doctor shortly began doctor directed pushing I was using people (a leg on each person's hip) and then the squat bar. No idea how long I pushed for, I'm guessing several hours. At least. More and more doctors and nurses trickled in as time passed. Then they said they had to do internal fetal monitoring More pushing and squatting etc. Tried all different positions. The baby had been posterior but eventually flipped to the correct position, thankfully. At one point, the dr had me on the squat bar and though the position was ok, I was just done with labor in general. I looked at her squarely in the face and firmly said (didn't shout it, was just firm), "I DON'T LIKE THIS!" She wasn't even amused after! Come on, it was funny! I am such a clown though. Another dr was explaining about tearing and I made a face and I saw the other dr hide a smile
Eventually, the doctor threatened to use a vacuum if I didn't push him out. And though I said nothing, the voice in my head said, "I love my baby and I didn't want to use a vacuum, but I DON'T CARE RIGHT NOW! USE THE VACUUM, I DON'T CARE!!!! GET HIM OUUUUUTTTT!!!!!!" Eventually, he finally came out. They whisked him over to the baby part of the room and "went to town" on him. I got to hold him for about thirty seconds before they took him away from me but honestly, I was ok with that because I just wanted them to sew me up Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the dr speak to a guy in scrubs. "thanks for coming, we are all set now, the baby is out." I am assuming this would have been the vacuum guy, so we got him out just in time. Not sure when, but I delivered the placenta. I heard them say they were using pitocin to get it going. This is one of the things that I may have fought but I was so tired and just wanted to go to bed and I figured the faster I delivered the placenta, the faster I get to go to bed so I didn't argue the pitocin. The placenta came right out, I couldn't believe it. So smoothly and didn't hurt, it just slid right out. Then it was time for stitching. Well, I think it took about an HOUR as the dr described, step by step, how to do the stitches to a student doctor. Give me the needle, maybe I could do it faster! I understand that doctors need to learn and I am ok with that. But there are good candidates and not so good candidates to practice on. A good candidate might be:
-a second (or more) time mom
-someone who had an epidural
-someone with a shorter labor
-someone who does NOT have vaginismus (vaginal disorder that makes exams and anything vaginal more difficult)
-someone who had their baby to hold and admire while being stitched up
-someone who didn't have a second degree tear, etc. etc.
Around 11pm, we finally made it to the nursery. I love my child but I was SO TIRED, I asked if I could go to bed. Eventually I made it to bed. I woke up and it took me awhile to realize, "I need the bathroom!" I was way too weak so I pressed the call button but the nurse was too late. (not her fault. I just needed it that badly). Poor nurse, she had been putting a diaper on a male baby and she just had to finish (could have been my baby, Idk). She cleaned me up and helped me to the bathroom to finish but on the way, I almost blacked out (high blood loss). DH grabbed a rocking chair, I sat in it, and they dragged me to the bed. About an hour or less later, the dr came in and explained that Brody needed the NICU and they would try to get me a bed there too. They came back and said they weren't able to get me a bed. So we were deciding where dh would stay the night. The dr tried to prepare us for when they would bring Brody in to say good bye but I didnt understand. She said "incubator" but I thought it was just a regular bassinet thing with warming lights like in the nursery. Nope, it was a big train engine thing accompanied by two emts About 15 minutes later, the doctor came in and said "we found you a bed!" And very shortly after that, my ambulance arrived. The ambulance ride was somewhat rough. the attendant that rode with me was... interesting. She was kind of rough, with my saline lock. I had it from earlier in the day but she paid no attention to it. Her fleece snagged it several times and she was like, oh its fine. Um yeah, its not attached to YOUR skin!
Eventually we got settled into the new room in the new hospital. DH got to go visit Brody right away but I had to wait until later the next day (after I was strong enough to shower and go up to see him).

Ok- I think that's it Sorry so long, I guess thats what happens when you have a 41 hour birth plus a transfer.


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