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Molly Jane's Entry into this Mad World (induced, vaginal delivery, failed epidural) - Birth Stories

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Heart Molly Jane's Entry into this Mad World (induced, vaginal delivery, failed epidural)

It all started the evening of April 13th. We all (Me, Matthew, Mom and Nan) drove to the hospital to get checked in so that the induction to bring Molly Jane into this world could be started. We arrived at the hospital and Matthew and I got settled in for the night. A nurse came and inserted the magic suppository called Cervadil. We were excited and ready for the next morning; because we knew we’d be meeting a tiny little angel. After tossing and turning out of excitement, we finally drifted off to sleep…

On the morning of April 14th, the nurse came in to check my cervix and see if it had changed at all from 2cm, 70% and Molly Jane being at a -2 station. To my surprise, it had! I was now at 3cm, 80% and -2 station! The nurse told us that in 15 minutes (around 6:45am) they’d start the magic potion called Pitocin. This made us very happy, and honestly, I never got nervous. I’m pretty sure that I OVER-prepared myself. Which, now looking back, wasn’t a bad thing. When they started the Pitocin, I was fine. I was handling some pretty big contractions really well, sometimes not even flinching through them.

At around 10 that morning, they came in and checked me again and I was 4cm, 100% and Molly Jane was at -1 to 0 station! They upped the Pitocin after that check. The midwife also broke my water with a fetal scalp monitor because Molly would NOT let us keep her heartbeat with the belt monitor. After that was put in, I got up to pee. When I got back into the bed a felt a little trickle and thought, “Okay… water breaking… that’s not so bad.” Then the contractions started hurting WAY more. So I told the nurse to bring on the epidural whenever she got the chance. She walked out of the room and said that the anesthesiologist would be there soon. They helped me get into position for the epidural while we were waiting. About a minute after sitting in that position, I felt the LARGEST gush of fluid that I’ve EVER felt in my entire life start to pour out of me. I was sitting on the bed on about 3 bed pads and this stuff was flowing down my legs! I was listening to my classic rock playlist to get me through the pain at this point, and when that gush hit… I froze and my eyes got HUGE. I was thinking, “Okay, so water breaking is kinda weird.” Little did I know that with the next 4 contractions, and ZZ Top blaring in my ears, I would have those HUGE gushes EVERYTIME. At that point, I was thinking there was no baby in there that it was all amniotic fluid! The anesthesiologist finally came in and administered the epidural. It wasn’t painful; it was only an odd pressure feeling. But maybe I can thank Journey for getting me through that one.

By 2:21 that afternoon, I was 6cm. Everyone in the room began guessing when Molly would make her big debut. Not me. I was in pain again. My epidural had failed. This couldn’t be happening! Not now! This was the thing that I feared the most. Becoming comfortable, only to have the pain come back with a vengeance… I had to tell someone. The nurses came in and watched me and the monitors for a while and I guess they noticed that with every cringing face that I made I was having contractions. So around 3:00, they decided to give me a shot of Stadol in my IV. I didn’t even know what was going on at that point because I was concentrating on working through my contractions. I have you girls to thank for that because texting you an update, even a short one, was helping me cope. Then the anesthesiologist was back. He tried to put more medicine into my epidural, but it didn’t work. I was checked again and I was 7cm. The Stadol helped me relax a little, but my music and texting you girls is what helped me through the pain.

So, here we were at around 3:20 and someone asked me how I felt. Not thinking straight, I said (in a voice loud enough to go above the Pink Floyd “Wish you were here” blaring in my ears), “I feel like my @ssh*le is about to fall out!” Cue the nurses running for Peg, my midwife. Peg came in around 3:30 and checked me. I was 9 ½ cm. D@mn it, not enough to push yet. She told me to relax and let my body work for a few minutes. I put my other earphone back in and leaned back on my now upright bed. About 15 minutes later, she came over and said, “Okay, let’s do some practice pushes.” I guess she didn’t realize how badly I wanted this baby out, because after my “practice push”, I heard Matthew say, “I see her head honey, I was wrong, she DOES have hair!” (He thought she was going to be completely bald, silly man.) Peg jumped up got her area all set up and asked me if I could move down a little on the bed. Of course I could, the epidural had worn off about 2 hours ago, so to her surprise, I lifted up my butt and scooted down to where she wanted me. The nurse grabbed one of my feet, and Matthew grabbed the other, pushing was underway.

At this point “Walk this way” was playing in my ears and all I could hear, so I yanked one of my earphones out, and concentrated on Matthew’s excited coaching… “Push Dani, push! I see her!” “Okay, breath honey, breath… you’re doing great.” He was such a great coach. After 2 pushes, the nurse tried to put my foot on the footrests they had on the bed, and I said, “NO! I DON’T WANT THAT FOOT DOWN!” Peg told her to keep holding it. (Go Peg!) The reason was as soon as my foot touched that thing, I felt my pelvis tilt downward and that wasn’t how I needed to feel to push. Cue ZZ Top’s La Grange. Excellent song to push to, by the way. I pushed another time, and Peg told me to reach down and feel my daughter’s head. I did, and boy did that give me an adrenaline boost! So, after nine whole minutes of pushing, at 3:57pm, the most slimy, squirmy, loudest yelling, most beautiful baby was laid on my chest. I was in love. My husband cut the cord and she laid with me while the nurses checked her out. At that moment, I couldn’t tell you who was in the room, what people were saying or what was going on around my husband, my daughter and me. It really was like we were in a bubble of happiness; the three of us were surrounded by love. I looked into my husband’s eyes and then into my daughter’s… I knew at that point that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, with exactly who I was supposed to be there with. My husband. My Daughter. Our Family.

Molly Jane, April 14th, 2009, 3:57pm, 7lbs 4oz, 19 1/4inches long


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She's so beautiful!


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Crue's Mommy
Baby #2 on the way!

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Oh yea, I cried reading this.


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thanks for sharing!!!


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oh, man...i just teared up...gorgeous, just gorgeous...


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Aw! You made me cry Dani!


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family complete :)

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Way to go Mamma! Molly is precious!


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Mine was similiarexcept, iwas in labor for 4 1/2 hours and 4 pushes he was out


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epidural, failed, induced, vaginal
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