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TMI Miscarriage??? No +test week late - Trying To Conceive

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TMI Miscarriage??? No +test week late

Not sure if this is the right thread to pit it on eother. Sry if it isnt.

Hey girls its been awhile since ive been on here but i figured this was the best place i could go for some advice before seeing the Dr.

I was a week late but no positive test and then saturday i began AF like instantly wasnt any spotting before hand like usual just instant heavy flow. (like run to the bathroom now it came on so fast) i had bad cramps throughout the night felt drained and just miserable. Was going through tampons so fast i switched to pads. Then yesterday i had huge blood clots come out which is normal for me except this one was unusal to me and ive never seen anything like it before. I have a pic idk if its tmi tho. It was this whitish clearish greyish sac with bloody tissue coming off it. It was about the size of a quarter id say. After that passed i had quite a few more large clood clots pass. Those kind where ur like oh crap i need a bathroom like NOW... Ive been in bed all day. Cramps are killing me and my lower back OMG it feels like i got run over.

Anyone ever experience this?


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