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Our precious joy - Pregnancy Journals

Old October 4th, 2013, 04:26 PM   #1
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Heart Our precious joy

I want to take some time and keep a pregnancy journal.

Earlier this year I was reunited with a man that was everything I could ask for. I knew him for 8 years and was a close friend. He wanted to be with me and make me his everything and I was unsure. So he did what any man would do, he gave me an ultimatum. To be with him or to move along. It was what I needed and I chose to be with him.

In July we moved into our own apartment and discussed what our plan was going to be about protection. We agreed to not try and not protect.

The day we found out: On Sept. 11th I came home early from work and just had a weird feeling about being pregnant. I took a home pregnancy test and it was a I immediately freaked out called Josh and urged him to come home. When he came home I was in the office and told him to go to the bathroom. There he found that we're having a baby and we were super excited!

When we told our families: Josh's family was ecstatic and super excited. They really talked about having a girl. They we're over the moon and just thrilled. My parents took some time at first they weren't happy at all but then realized that they want to be there for their grandchild.

Week 7- Week 9: Every morning I eat Multi-Grain Cheerios. I am exhausted all day long.
Week 10-11: M/S has kicked up a bit and the exhaustion has weaned. My appetite is beginning to come back slowly.

Dr Appt., 10/21: I lost over 5lbs since finding out baby was on board. I opted for a AFP test which took blood to check for illnesses like down syndrome. I also got to hear my baby's heartbeat. It made me cry to hear you beating away in there.

Our EDD is May 11th. We both would love a happy baby boy are girl. Josh feels it's a boy and I feel we're having a girl.


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Old October 5th, 2013, 11:30 AM   #2

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thank you for sharing your story. can't wait to follow your journey!


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