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nikki's journal - Pregnancy Journals

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Old September 16th, 2013, 07:17 PM   #17

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week 7...

I still can't believe I'm experiencing m/s this time around. I guess that's what I get; I always kind of hoped for it bc it makes me feel like a "real" pregnant woman. legitimizes it. haha. but wow. this raging flu feeling is something else.

the kids are so excited about the baby and they don't even know I'm pregnant! they often talk about when I do get pregnant, and I think this last baby (I know, I know, we said that last time; but this REALLY IS the last) will be just the perfect ending to our royal flush of kids.

how's pregnancy right now: m/s, hot and cold flashes, mood swings, cravings, extreme hunger - so I eat ALL THE FOOD - and then I get so nauseated. I'm anxious for my intake appt and to kick off prenatal care for this little one. seeing our sweet pea makes this all real, even if feeling so yucky doesn't. haha.

five kids. I never ever in a million years thought I would be a mother to five children. my parents weren't to keen on a huge family (even though there were four of us), and yet, here we are. being a mother is all I've ever really wanted to do. and now we have a full hand coming.

prediction: all my babies have been born around the same time of the month. aug 5, dec 5, then we drop to the 3rd: may 3, then aug 3. if the pattern continues, this will be a May Day baby. may 1. I expect little one anytime between 1-5. I also predict girl, but that is largely wishful thinking. I have three gorgeous, smart, willful, lovely, funny, empathetic boys and my daughter loves them as they love her, but I grew up with sisters, and I want that for her too.

so that's my week 7. I'm still running. I haven't weighed myself. I feel pretty large but I feel glowing and magical.

to my sweet pea, I love you.



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Old September 17th, 2013, 05:58 PM   #18

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I love your birth stories! I felt like I was right there in the room! So detailed.


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Old October 5th, 2013, 11:34 AM   #19

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week 10 update:

my uterus feels like a big ball. as of a few days ago, the flutters are much more frequent. when I lay on my stomach, I can feel my uterus beneath me.

symptoms: still nauseated every day. it comes in waves, and suddenly. I range from overheated to extremely cold. the fatigue is nearly crippling. it has settled into my bones.

I am still stuffed up and mucousy all over and it's driving me nuts. breathlessness kicked in about a week ago.

I am still running! albeit, it's as slow as most people walk, and I'm pushing 100+ lbs of boys and stroller. but I'm still getting it done, and that feels good.

my first app is finally here! this week! I cannot wait to see this baby, and see a heart beat, and know that everything is progressing normally.

weight: 167.2. gain to date is 2.2 lbs.


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