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At the end of each day... - June 2013 Playgroup

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Old March 11th, 2014, 07:28 PM   #9

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Oh man, this thread made me cry. Mostly good tears. But I'll have to respond more later.


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Old March 16th, 2014, 12:12 PM   #10

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These kind of threads make me wish it was on FB cuz I want to "like" the posts!!

I can relate to all of what has been said. There are times when I worry if I'm doing "good enough", especially at the end of the day because LO's sleeping issues are where I worry the most that I'm "failing" as a mother. There are times when I worry that every little thing I am doing or not doing is going to have an effect on his emotional state in the future and what kind of person he grows up to be.
From what Tiffany said about trying to talk to DH about her feelings... I really just think that men can't understand it. Just like how I wouldn't have understood before I became a mother. From what I've seen...being a father just doesn't come with the same emotional baggage as being a mother does!
I think I mostly relate to how Laura feels at the end of the day. Even if five minutes ago I was feeling like I was about to pull my hair out and start screaming and crying because LO would not stay asleep...once he's out and peacefully laying next to me I'm filled with so much love that I could burst. I am so incredibly thankful to be this wonderful, sweet, healthy, little boy's mommy. I wouldn't change it for anything...even though there are times when I want so badly to just sleep in, or I think of how nice it would be to have more time for myself again or to be able to buy something for myself instead of for him again and again. But in the end I always come to the same conclusion...that no amount of sleep, things I like to do or material possessions could ever make me feel as happy and fulfilled as this little guy does.
Something else I definitely relate to is a sudden feeling of mortality. Not only because time is suddenly flying by and I fear that it will suddenly be over and done with before I know it. I also am suddenly fearful of how fragile life is. I'm afraid of losing my LO and I'm afraid of what he would do if he lost me.
Well even though I've already said a lot, there was more than I wanted to say, but between trying to write this and keep baby boy entertained at the same time, I couldn't remember everything. Haha Thanks girls for always giving me someone to talk to about this kind of stuff!!


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