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Checking In! - October 2011 Playgroup

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Checking In!

Hi friends!

It's been a while since our PG got any traffic, so I thought is check in and see how things are going. Our babies are nearing their third birthdays! How is that possible???

How has potty training been for y'all? I had such an easy time with Kate that I assumed Audrey would be similar... isn't that always a mistake? Audrey was day-trained about six months ago, but recently she has decided she's too busy to take a break from life to use the bathroom and asked me to put her back in diapers. What??? I said no, she's a big girl now, but she's still pretty stubborn about it. So we're back to me having to take her every hour. It will be so nice when she's independent with it again!

What else is new with you ladies and your families? I hope you're doing well!


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